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2 December, 2020 12:00 am

Get Your Christmas Wish List Ready… you won’t want to miss this Sale! Highlights Include: Royal Family Memorabilia, Train Collection, Christmas Decorations, A Great Variety of Unique and Interesting Books, and SO MUCH MORE! This will be our Last Online Auction for 2020, don’t miss out and stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Lot #: 1

Greek Ceramic ‘Doric’ Column

Ceramic depiction of the Doric style of Greek architecture (repair to base) souvenir ; Contemporary

Lot #: 2

Cast Brass Bulldog Door Stop

with chain and knob ring.

Lot #: 3

‘Gold’ Ceramic Cat

(7.5″ H) (contemporary)

Lot #: 4

Monkey Stand

Black ceramic ‘Monkey’ stand , Contemporary

Lot #: 5

Binoculars & Opera Glasses

Brass and leather binoculars with ‘day & night’ glasses (missing holding screw) ; brass Opera glasses, commemorative of Landing of Columbus 1492 by R & J Beck Ltd. London 1857 (no.7964387)

Lot #: 6

Servant ‘Summons’ Box

Box by Gents of Leicester; with flags to call servant to Drawing room, Dining room or Front door (later mountings) (5.5″ x 10.5″)

Lot #: 7

London and London Investments Marker Stones

One stone in form of cheque of London Investments Limited (6″ x 12″ x 3.5″ ) the other paving marker marked London (2.75″ x 4″ x 1.75″) both with chips

Lot #: 8

Brass Urn

(bronzed) on ebonized and burled wood stand (contemporary) (10.5″ H x 8″ Dia.)

Lot #: 9

English Silver Plate Wine Bucket

with liner (vintage) (10″ H x 10″ Dia.)

Lot #: 10

Cookie Barrel and Inhaler

Ceramic cookie barrel ‘ London confiserie’ with lid

Lot #: 11

Framed 1904 British Mortgage Loan Co. Apr Calendar

Framed portion of April 1904 calendar of British Mortgage Loan Co., of Market Street, Stratford (11.5 x 15)

Lot #: 12

Framed ‘George Levett’ Cigar Box Cover

Cigar box cover of George Levett , Stratford, Ont. (1901 – 1916) ( 9″ x 11″)

Lot #: 13

Rowland & Marsellus Breakfast Coffee Cup

blue and white Coffee cup and saucer “Take Ye a cuppe o’kindnesse” (with impressed date L/12/32)

Lot #: 14

Ceramic ‘Herb’ Jars

Set of 4 lidded “Herbes de Provence’ jars with lids with written labels (Basil etc.) (H. 3”)

Lot #: 15

Pepsi Cola Carrier

Aluminum handled carrier with red embossed Pepsi Cola logo ( %.25 x 8.25 x 9.5″ H) (vintage)

Lot #: 16

‘Downton Abbey’ Call Bell

Souvenir brass servant call bell from Downton Abbey television show ( 6 X 7.5″)

Lot #: 17

Brantford Stoneware Open Crock

Brantford Stoneware open crock with lug handles (9.5″ H x 9.5″ Dia.)

Lot #: 18

Open Crock

with brown glazed interior and band ( 5″ H x 7.5″ Dia.)

Lot #: 19

1893 Brantford Municipal Railway Souvenir

Silvered section of track of Brantford Municipal Railway 1893

Lot #: 20

Cast Coffee Mill

with wood handle and pine box with drawer (7.5″ square x 8 ” H) (late 19th C.) (damage to drawer front)

Lot #: 21

2 Victorian Cast Food Slicers

Reproductions of Victorian food slicers with pine trough and cast iron stands. (12 x 9″) (pair)

Lot #: 22

Carved Wood Cockerel Ornament

Carved wood contemporary ‘Cockerel” painted in bright colours (Mexican?)

Lot #: 23

Vintage Carved ‘Tug-Boat’

painted and on wooden base (vintage); (12″ L)

Lot #: 24

Carved Sitting Dog and Camel

Carved ‘sitting dog with articulated hind legs (painted) with wood and metal Camel (India) ( Dog sits 8″ H)

Lot #: 25

Brass Carriage Light

with oil lamp burner, glass sides and front.(13.5″ H)

Lot #: 26

Pale Green ‘Beaver’ Jar

with ‘ Beaver facing left , marked #5, with ‘crown’ lid and zinc ring (9.5″ H)

Lot #: 27

Pale Green ‘Beaver’ Jar

with ‘ Beaver facing left , marked #5, with ‘crown’ lid and zinc ring (9.5″ H)

Lot #: 28

Clear Glass Oil Lamp

with fluted base & font. (Queen Mary burner) and chimney ( H — 18.25″) (late 19th C.)

Lot #: 29

Clear Glass Oil Lamp

with fluted base & font. with integral treaded connection to burner (17.25″); (late 19th C.)

Lot #: 30

‘Greek Key’ Oil Lamp

with square base and integral threaded collar (White Flame burner ) ( 16″ H. ) (late 19th C)

Lot #: 31

Green Glass Oil Lamp

with feather edged font and tear-drop base; brass collar and ‘Correct’ burner; chimney. (19″ H) (late 19th C.)

Lot #: 32

Clear Glass Oil Lamp

with integral collar; burner and chimney. (18.25″ H) , ( Early 20th C.)

Lot #: 33

Seth Thomas Alarm Clock

Cast white metal base in ‘copper’ finish with Alarm ‘On’ and ‘Off’ setting; brass face second hand and alarm time set (marked Made in the USA) (circal 1925)

Lot #: 34a


Lot #: 35

Stereopticon Viewer

with 9 cards

Lot #: 36

‘Bacchus’ Cast Metal Wall Plaque

(contemporary) (7 x 8″)

Lot #: 37

Napoleon Portrait and Bust Souvenirs

Includes framed (7 x 9″) portrait of Napoleon and cast metal bust (7″); contemporary

Lot #: 38

4 London Souvenir Denby Mugs

4 Mugs by Denby with views of St. Paul’s (2); Horse Guards; and Tower of London

Lot #: 39

Wedgwood Jasperware Pitcher

Large Wedgwood green and white Jasperware pitcher (8″ H) circa 1890 (star crack to base)

Lot #: 40

EAPG Frosted Lion Compote

Compote with frosted Lion base and lid with frosted rampant Lion finial (circa 1880) (7″ Dia. X 11″ H)

Lot #: 41

EAPG ‘Classic’ Sugar Bowl

Covered sugar in ‘Classic’ pattern with frosted Grecian panels and ‘log’ legs and acorn finial, circa 1875 (8″ H)

Lot #: 42

EAPG ‘Classic’ Water Pitcher

Water pitcher in ‘Classic’ pattern with frosted Grecian panels and ‘log’ legs and handle’ circa 1875 (10″ H)

Lot #: 43

Planters Peanut Jar

Slanted early ‘Planters’ peanut jar, with metal decaled lid; circa 1930

Lot #: 44

Cast Iron Flat Iron & Trivet

with handle with cast trivet, c. 1890

Lot #: 45

Mortar, Pestle and Vase Brassware


Lot #: 46

Vintage Nautical Theme Brassware

Includes ships wheel ashtray, ‘anchor’ paper clip; ships wheel nut cracker, and ‘Titanic’ key tag.

Lot #: 47

Brass Padlock and Key

Jared #3 Admiralty padlock and key; and brass decorative key (vintage)

Lot #: 48

Brass Desk Pieces

Includes letter holder ; bill spike; hour-glass timer; and ‘Credit Suisse’ paper clip (vintage)

Lot #: 49

Vintage Brass Shaving Set

Stand with brass ‘shaver’ and brush

Lot #: 50

Tasco Brass Telescope

Tasco25X30 mm brass and leather telescope in case (vintage)

Lot #: 51

Vintage Miniature Cannon

in brass with wooden stand

Lot #: 52

Miniature Brassware

Includes coal skuttle; fire tools; coffee grinder; plane , gavel; etc.

Lot #: 53

Indian brassware etc.

Includes 1/2 pint tankard; ashtray; crumber; bowls; etc.

Lot #: 54

Copper Saucepan, Planter and Ashtray

includes 7″ saucepan; 14″ rectangular planter and minatire ‘wheelbarrow’ ashtray (vintage)

Lot #: 55


Includes 5″ piggy band; candleholder; oil wall sconce; shovel; ashtray and match holder

Lot #: 56

Pair of Cast Brass Bookends

with ‘cowboy’ motif. C. 1930

Lot #: 57

Wall Signs and Scale

Wall signs — ‘Wits End’ and ‘Please Don’t?.’; wth ‘duck’ shoehorn and spring balance scale.

Lot #: 58

Copper Saucepans etc.

Includes 4 saucepans (2 – 5″ & 2 -7″ one with lid); oval fry pan; 2 open casseroles (vintage)

Lot #: 59

Photo H.R.H. Prince Andrew

Photo (signed), of Prince Andrew at Lakefield College (1977) with Invitation to Granite Club dinner (1997) and place card .

Lot #: 60

Framed Royal Portraits

Includes William IV; George I; George II; and Queen Anne; all in gold frames (9.5″ x 11.5″) contemporary

Lot #: 61

Framed Commemorative Royal Warrant Holders Plate

plate of Royal Warrant Holders Association 1840-1990

Lot #: 62

5 Royal Coat of Arms Wall Plaques

Lot of 5 plaques of Royal coat of arms (resin ?) contemporary ; 6″

Lot #: 63

Crown Wall Plaque

16″ square resin plaque of dimensional crown; contemporary

Lot #: 64

Royal Coat of Arms Wall Plaque

Large resin plaque of Royal Coat of Arms (14.5″)

Lot #: 65

Framed Stitched Needlework Royal Arms

Stitched needlework Royal Coat of Arms, in shadow-box frame. (contemporary)

Lot #: 66

Framed Royal Coat of Arms

Copper’ finished Royal Coat of Arms. (contemporary)

Lot #: 67

Carved VRI Wall Plaque

Carved pine plaque with VR I with crown and rope surround, in Garter star (13″)

Lot #: 68

Cast Brass Royal Coat of Arms Fireplace Chenet

Cast brass chenet with Royal Coat of Arms; circa ~ 1910 (10″)

Lot #: 69

Brass Royal Coat of Arms

Contemporary brass Royal Coat of Arms (6.5″)

Lot #: 70

Large Ceramic Vase

Large covered vase (22″) with Canadian coat of arms (C. 1950-60)

Lot #: 71

Chatsworth ‘Lion’

Resin casting of the Chatsworth Rinaldi sleeping Lion (9″ L)

Lot #: 72

Royal Coat of Arms Wall Plaque

Resin Royal Coat of Arms wall plaque (contemporary) (29″ H x 27″ W)

Lot #: 73

WWII “Keep Calm & Carry On” Wall Plaque

(contemporary) (16″ x 28″)

Lot #: 74

2 Crown Decorative Pieces

(one mounted on wood goblet) (contemporary) (largest 11.5″ H)

Lot #: 75

Royal Arms in Shield

(resin) (contemporary) ( 18″ x 24″)

Lot #: 76

George V & Queen Mary Framed Photo

Reproduction photo; matted and framed with placecard (see lot 59) (16″ x 20″)

Lot #: 77

“There’ll Always be an England” Needlework Picture

Needlework with flag and lion and (probably c. 1940

Lot #: 78

Royalty Books

Includes: ‘The Queen’ by Longford, A year with the Queen by Hardman;also books on Diana, William, Andrew; as well as catalogues of Sale of Princess Margaret’s at Christie’s and Duchess of Windsors at Sothebys

Lot #: 79

Coalport ‘India Tree’ Tea Set

Includes 7 fluted demi-tasse; coffee pot; cream, sugar, 6.5″ pitcher; cake plate and 3 – 7″ and a 9″ plate

Lot #: 80

2 Violins

one with strings etc (Stentor Music Co. Ltd.), the other just the case

Lot #: 81

Dessert Service (pt)

Dessert saervice in ‘apple’ green with gilding and ‘scenic’ medallions; English c. 1830 (12 plates and 2 ‘shell dishes)

Lot #: 82

7 Cups and Saucers

4 by Rosina with rose decoration, 1 Crown Staffordshire, 2 unmarked (wear).

Lot #: 83

5 Aynsley & 1 Grosvenor Cups and Saucers

Aynsley in cobalt, green and claret colours; Grosvenor in green (hairline).

Lot #: 84

4 Royal Albert Cups and Saucers

Includes PetitPoint, Old country Rose, Lambeth etc.

Lot #: 85

4 Royal Albert ‘Silver Birch’ Cups & Saucers

Lot #: 86

Part Foley China Tea Set

Includes 4 cups and saucers and 4 – 6″ tea plates

Lot #: 87

Bombay Company Wall Shelf

with drawer (21″ W x 32″ H x6″D)

Lot #: 88

Desk Globe & Barometer

Contemporary lighted desk globe with dials for temperature, barometric pressure & humidity, (18″ H)

Lot #: 89

Carved Head

Contemporary carved head with beard. (14″ H )

Lot #: 90

Terracotta Sculpture

Sulpture of kneeling man on rock (contemporary)

Lot #: 91

Canadiana Furniture Books

The Furniture of Old Ontario (Shackleton) (jacket A.F.); and Canadian Country Furniture (Bird)

Lot #: 92

2 Noritake Handpainted Cakeplates

Lot #: 92a


6 Tea and 6 B&B plates (19th C. German) , 3 English china

Lot #: 92b

3 contemporary glass servers

Lot #: 93

Misc. china

Includes 3 souvenir plates (Woodham United Church); Nippon cup & saucer Rosina C&S; etc.

Lot #: 94

6 Cups and Saucers

includes 2 Queen Anne C&S, (1 Christmas); Royal Albert 25th Ann. Foley ‘Cornflower; and 2 others

Lot #: 95

J&G Meakin Creamware Dinner Service

(12 dinner, 12 dessert, 9 B&B, 7 soup, 4 nappies, 4 C&S, (+ 6 cups), gravy, bowl & 12.5″ platter (circa 1910)

Lot #: 96

6 Cups and Saucers

Includes 3 by Colclough etc. (damaged saucer)

Lot #: 97

CNE Souvenir C&S & 5 others

Others include ‘Orchid’ by Grosvenor etc.

Lot #: 98

Queen Anne ‘Fair’ Dinner Service

Flair’ pattern(c. 1955) includes 12 dinner, 12 dessert, 11 B&B, 12 C&S, 2 oval open vegetable, 2 oval 13″ platters and gravy boat & stand.

Lot #: 99

Royal Doulton ‘Sonnet’ Dinner Service

Includes 12 Dinner, 12 Dessert/salad, 12 B&B, 8 Cups & saucers (extra saucer)

Lot #: 100

Johnson Bros.’Old English’ Dinner Ware

Old English’ pattern cream ware service includes 12 Dinner plates; 6 Dessert/salad plates; 16 B&B plates; 16 Cups and saucers (extra cup)

Lot #: 100a

Johnson Bros. ‘Old English’ Serving Pieces

Includes 12″ & 14″ platters; 10.5″ covered vegetable; 9.75 & 9″ oval bowls and gravy boat

Lot #: 101

Royal Albert ‘Silver Maple’ Dinnerware

Includes 2 salad; 3 B&B; 7 Cups and saucers; 1-5″ ‘shell’ dish; butter dish & cover; 15″ platter; salt & Pepper; 8″ oval dish and cream pitcher

Lot #: 102

Royal Albert ‘Silver Birch’ Chinaware

Includes 3 Salad plates; 7 B&B; 6 Cups and saucers; Cream sugar & tray; Handled cake plate; Leaf shaped relish; 4″ square, 6″ oval, and 2-5″ rect.

Lot #: 103

Framed Souvenir Plates

Views of ‘Town Hall’; ‘1st Presbyterian Church’ and ‘Collegiate Institute’ St. Mary’s Ontario (7″ reticulated plates in 11.5″ oak frames)

Lot #: 104

Flatware and Birk’s ‘King’s Pattern Carving Set

Birk’s carving set (plate) in box; 12 misc. pieces of 1847 Rogers ‘Flair’ etc.

Lot #: 105

Crystal Wine Glasses, Serving Dish and Vase

Lot of 10 molded wine glasses with 10″ ‘Pinwheel’ flared vase and 11″ divided relish server

Lot #: 106

Misc. Silver Plate Flatware

Includes Victorian berry spoon, tablespoon, gravy ladle, and later 8 coffee spoons, butter knives etc.

Lot #: 107

Misc. Silver Plate Flatware

Includes butter knives and spreaders, tea and table spoons etc.

Lot #: 108

Brass Candlesticks and Plate

Lot of 9 English Victorian brass candlesticks (some with push-ups) – 6 to 12 ” high; with 10″ Chinese brass plate with ‘dragon’ engraving.

Lot #: 109

Antique Books

Includes ‘Around the World with General Grant ‘(1879) with 800 illustrations; ‘Footprints of the world’s History (chromolithographs) ; 1946 Bound edition of Canadian Mining Journal; etc.

Lot #: 110

Staffordshire ‘West Point’ Platter

Staffordshire B/W platter (18″) with view of ‘Westpoint’ N.Y. ; circa 1850

Lot #: 111


Includes pair of oval silver plate 11″ candlesticks, circa 1790; pair of Brass (Baltic/Russian) 11″ with ‘hoof’ decorative motif and pair of 9.5″ Victorian brass.

Lot #: 112

Victorian Mirror and Silhouette

Victorian mirror in gilt gesso frame (16.5 x 19.5″); with gilt framed silhouette of ‘Edwardian’ lady (c. 1910)

Lot #: 113

‘Art’ Books

Includes 1851 ed. Of ‘The Art Journal’ ; ‘Land of the Pharaohs (Egypt and Sinai) ; The Sunday at Home (1895); and portfolio of Famous Paintings (Belgium); and Vol. 3 of ‘The Seige of Quebec’ (1901); all with numerous engravings and prints.

Lot #: 113a


Includes 2 Gentleman’s fashion folios for 1935 and 1949/50; a folio of works by Thos. Hart Benton; folio of works of Symbolists & Decadents (Christian) and “A Conrad Argosy’ (Novels by Joseph Conrad) introduced by Wm McFee; with wood cuts by Mueller;

Lot #: 114

Pink Depression Glass

Includes Cops saucers and plates in ribbed pattern; octagonal plates (6); 3 candlestick; open cookie and divided server ; etc.

Lot #: 115

10 ‘Gold’ Under Plates

retailed by Pier 1 Imports (China) with 4 others (similar – Italy)

Lot #: 116

4 Coalport Demi-Tasse Coffee Cups

with gold and green decoration.

Lot #: 117

Portuguese ‘Cabbage Leaf’ Pattern Servers

includes 4pc. Soup tureen; 10.5″ bowl; and12″ platter

Lot #: 118

Portuguese ‘Leaf’ Serving Pieces

Includes 16″ ‘Rabbit Patch’ platter; 11″ red ware casserole with ‘molded vegetable’ lid; and 20″ segmented server with ‘rabbit’ center cover

Lot #: 119

Portuguese ‘Leaf’ Serving Pieces

Includes 7″& 5″ ‘Cabbage leaf’ covered tureens with under plates; 2 sets salt and peppers; with Japanese salt and pepper.

Lot #: 120

Chaise Louge

with rolled arms, back cushion, turquoise upholstery; (Vintage –prob. Mid-century)

Lot #: 121

Set of 4 Louis XVI Style Arm-Chairs

Set in rubbed cream paint with ‘cameo’ backs and receded legs, mortice and tenon construction; French late19th C (Upholstery old, one back with tear) (24″ W x 36″H)

Lot #: 122

Vanity’ Low-Back Cane Seated Chair

painted black (circa 1930) (15.5″W x 30″H)

Lot #: 123

Oak Side Chair

with cane seat, circa 1925 (17″ W x 37″ H)

Lot #: 124

Oak Rocking Chair

with turned supports and ‘leather’ seat ; circa 1910 (23″W x 33.5″H) (finish worn)

Lot #: 125

Oak Swivel Office Chair

on casters with ‘leather seat & back. Circa 1920; (distressed; piece missing from side support) 23″ W x 39″H

Lot #: 126

Pair of ‘Captains’ Chairs

with molded plywood seats (now with drilled holes) (Vintage) (21″ W x 31″H)

Lot #: 127

‘Empire’ Revival Style Arm Chair

Mahogany arm chair in ‘Empire’ revival style; needlepoint seat; (finish crazed and chair loose) (24″W x 41″H)

Lot #: 128

Mahogany Regency Style Sofa

Mahogany framed Regency style sofa with scrolled arms and feet (circa 1940) (78″L x 34″H)

Lot #: 129

Oak Settee / Bench

with paneled back and mortise and tenon construction; lift seat with storage compartment ; one arm (left side) ; beard brass plaque (England Expects Everyman Will Do His Duty) (from 18th C. parts)

Lot #: 130

Oak Arm Chair

with slat back and barley-twist supports (‘leather’ seat) circa 1910 (25.5″ W x 39″ H)

Lot #: 131

Pine Church ‘Chair’ in ‘Pew’ Form

(19thC.); (25.5″W x 33″H)

Lot #: 132

Pine Church ‘Chair’ in ‘Pew’ Form

(19thC.);one side with ‘box’ return; (27″W x 36″H)

Lot #: 133

Cement ‘Grecian’ Garden Urn

Cast Cement (12″ Dia. X 13″ H) (painted black)

Lot #: 134

Cement ‘Grecian’ Garden Urn

Cast Cement (12″ Dia. X 13″ H) (painted black)

Lot #: 135

Cement ‘Grecian’ Garden Urn

Cast Cement (12″ Dia. X 13″ H) (painted black)

Lot #: 136

Oak Portable Confessional

with two sided grill and kneeling stand (24″ W x 61″ H)(early 20tC.)(finish worn)

Lot #: 137

Vintage ‘Gothic’ Screen

Three part ‘Gothic’ screen (pine with black stain) (Vintage), (centre panel 15″ W x 82″H)

Lot #: 138

Contemporary Sundial on Stand

Sundial on scroll legged stand (stand ~ 14″ dia. X 22″H)

Lot #: 139

Galvanized Boiler and Lid

with yellow painted handles (12″ x 25″ x 15″H)

Lot #: 139a

Copper boiler

Copper boiler with wood handles (13″ x 26″) (missing lid and dents)

Lot #: 140

Vintage Folding Magazine Rack

Hardwood with slatted back and ‘dowelled’ front (vintage) (17.5″ H x 23.5″W)

Lot #: 141

Marble Top Stand

Ebonized tri-pod base with marble top (14″ Dia. X 21H)

Lot #: 142

Miniature Cedar Chest

Minature 1930’s style cedar chest with brass bands (missing on top) (11 X 13 X 20.5″)

Lot #: 143

Walnut Footstool

with squat cabriole legs, and padded top (circa 1940) (29″ x 13″ x 13″H)

Lot #: 144

Bombay Company Pedestal

in mahogany finish, with brass feet (10″ square x 28.5″H)

Lot #: 145

Nest of Tables

Contemporary, with banded yew wood tops and receded legs (with glass preserves) (largest: 20.5″ x 15″ x20.5″H)

Lot #: 146


Made from Victorian table base with later top; walnut finish. (top 16 x 10 x 30.5″H)(top loose)

Lot #: 147

Contemporary Wood and Wire Bird Cage

with molded top and side door; in scrubbed paint finish.(12.5 ” x 20.5″ x 35″H)

Lot #: 148

Cast Iron Candle Stands

Stands with oriental dragon bases to ribbed tops (contemporary) (bases 13 x 7″ – H 28″) (1 broken)

Lot #: 149

Mahogany Tilt-top Table

with foliate carved tri-pod base with ribbon carved top and integral glass preserve. C.1930 (24x 29.5 x25H)

Lot #: 149a

Hanging wall cabinet

Contemporary cabinet in walnut finish with 4 glass shelves and glass door, ‘swan -neck’ top with brass finial (17″ W x 34.5 ‘ H x 5.5″ D)

Lot #: 149b

Wall shelf

Oak wall shelf with 7 narrow (3″) shelves and backboard (circa 1900) (24″W x 4″D x 31.5″H)

Lot #: 150

Mahogany Finish Hardwood Parlour Table

with ring turned legs and brass ‘claw’ feet, (with shelf) (22.5″ sq. x 30″H) circa 1910; (finish distressed)

Lot #: 151

Oak Parlour Table

with shelf and turned legs; (21″ sq. x 29″H); circa 1910;

Lot #: 152

Ebonized Vintage Pedestal

7.5″ top 12″ base 34″H

Lot #: 153

Pair of Oak Topped Pine Pedestals

5″ x 8″ x 31″H

Lot #: 154


Made from Victorian newel post with added moldings to top & base. (9.5″ Sq. x 32″H)

Lot #: 155

Fireside Bench

with walnut cabriole legs with needlepoint top (circa 1920) (37″ x 15″ x 19″H)

Lot #: 156

Photogravure Portrait

with varnished finish by E.G.Co.Inc. N.Y. in gold leaf frame (30′ x 36″)

Lot #: 157

Poster – Kings and Queens of England

Poster with coats of arms of royal houses of England. (26″ 36.5″)

Lot #: 158

Vanity Fair ‘Spy’ Print

Spy print “Statesmen No. 6′,of the Earl Granville; March 13th, 1869.

Lot #: 159

His Majesty the Baby by Arthur Drummond Print

Victorian Print, 1898; in period gilt frame; (18 x 23″)

Lot #: 160

Oil on board

Bessborough from the River, by Fran Henry; (17.5 x 21″)

Lot #: 161

Victorian chromolithograph

Children at Christmastime’; in Victorian gesso frame (distressed) ; (18 x 28.5″)

Lot #: 162

Pastel, River scene

Chandler style pastel of rivere scene; indistinctly signed; in mahogany frame (9.5 x 23″); circa 1910

Lot #: 163

W.F.Griffiths oil

The Road to Haliburton’ by W.F.Griffiths (18.5 x 20.5″)

Lot #: 164

Emile (Butch) Lussier, oil

Mountain sunset’ by Emile Lussier; dated 1985; (18 X 21.5″)

Lot #: 165

DaVinci print

DaVinci (1452-1519) print after cartoon for the Virgin and Child (20 x 26″)

Lot #: 166

Print “Bird’s Eye View of Stratford”

Reproduction print of 1872 Bird’s Eye View of Stratford (15 x 22″)

Lot #: 167

Mason’s certificate

Creating William Hugh Wardhope, Grand Master; 1917; in architectural oak frame (19 x 24″)

Lot #: 168

S. Deaville print

Print after S. Deaville of winter scene; (22.5 x 26.5″)

Lot #: 169

Royal Coat of Arms

Print in gold of Royal Coat of Arms (15.5 x 16″)

Lot #: 170


Watercolour of church by Bay; signed by Rebecca Bilcox (oak frame) (16.6 x 20.5″)

Lot #: 171

Pencil Drawing, by Kollwitz

Pencil drawing “Child in Arms” by Kollwitz (18.5″ x 23″)

Lot #: 172

Prints of Henry VIII & Elizabeth I

Pair of ‘rubbing’ style prints in gold of Henry VIII & Elizabeth I, with heraldic seals; (each 15 x 26.5″)

Lot #: 173

Print by David Antschell (?)

Print, of historic house, dated 1976, (12.5 x 15.5)

Lot #: 174

Roy Rogers print

Print from “Roy Rogers Cowboy Annual” (13.5 x 15.5″)

Lot #: 175

Monet print

Print of ‘Bridge at Argenteuil’ by Claude Monet (12.5 x 15.5″)

Lot #: 176

Engraving of Sir James Burrow

Engraving by James Basire 178-; of Sir James Burrow, Fellow of Royal Society (22 x 28.5″)

Lot #: 177

Print – Vase of Poppies

Contemporary print by Art Crest, Chicago (28 x 40″)

Lot #: 178

Reproduction framed Regimental Flag

Of 6th Regiment of Serbian Infantry, in ‘distressed frame; by Peacock Park Design (34 x 51″)

Lot #: 179

Print by L. Calvert

Print of ‘Snowy Owl’ by L. Calvert, dated 1987 and numbered 408/1875 (21 x 26″)

Lot #: 180

Print by L. Calvert

Print ‘ Sentinal’ by Calvert dated 1990 and numbered 53/1875 (21 x 26″)

Lot #: 181

Pastel “River scene”

Pastel of River Scene in ‘Chandler’ style; signed ; (11 x 23″) circa 1910

Lot #: 182

George Horne prints

Pair of Horne prints of Bear Steps & Welch Bridge Shrewsbury (contemporary)

Lot #: 183

A.Y.Jackson prints

Set of 4 prints after A.Y.Jackson; (each 11 x 13″)

Lot #: 184

Blake Debassige, Ojibway, print

Tree of Life’ Anishinabe Spiritual Centre, Espanola, Ontario (21 x 29″)

Lot #: 185

Goodwin print

Print of child after Goodwin (1920) (16 x 19″)

Lot #: 186

Framed mirror

Bevelled glass mirror in custom cream frame (32 x 43″) contemporary

Lot #: 187

Oil on canvas

Large vintage oil of mountain scene by C. Hall (31 X 55″)

Lot #: 188

Oil on board

Vintage oil of Street Scene by M. Lawrence 1977 (23 x 29″)

Lot #: 189


Watching for Papa’ , published by J.F.Hill &Co. Agusta Me.1896 in Victorian frame.(20 x 27″)

Lot #: 190

Photographic print

Ikea photographic print (18 x 22″)

Lot #: 191

Print by L. Calvert

Blacktail Family’ signed print by L. Calvert; numbered 866/1875

Lot #: 192

Closet dressing mirror

Framed mirror (14 x 50″)

Lot #: 193

Hunting scene painting

Contemporary signed painting depicting rider, horse and dogs; with ribbon title ‘Dreadnought’; (34 x 46″)

Lot #: 194

A.Y.Jackson print

A.Y.Jackson limited edition print (179/495); (38 x 34″)

Lot #: 195

Framed mirror

Beveled glass mirror in ebonized frame (38.5 x 49″)

Lot #: 196


with humdity and tempature readings

Lot #: 197


Lot #: 199

Books: Time-Life Library of Art

28 Volumes of Library of Art all boxed; circa 1967

Lot #: 200

Candlesticks & minature chandelier

Lot of brass & nickel plate candlesticks (7 – 12.5″); with minature ‘Dutch’ style chandelier (9″) (vintage)

Lot #: 201


Includes Ralston New Process Still; Night steamer; oval casserole; tea kettle; measures. (A.F.)

Lot #: 202


Includes 4 candlesticks (Hong Kong); oval bed warmer; tea caddy’ ; 2 ‘saborium'(4.5″); key etc.

Lot #: 203


Includes 9″ English plate (hallmarked); and contem[orary 14.5″Wilton charger;fluted bowl and porringer.

Lot #: 204


Pair vintage ball topped andirons with single (pair12″ H)

Lot #: 205

Vintage Silverplate

Includes 13.5″ salver with vintage border; 12″ rd. tray; oval entrée; open entrée; dinner bell; bar measure etc.

Lot #: 206

Decorative plates

includes 2 Dickens plates; Farringdon Independent Church,Brantford; and 1953 Coronation plate by Burleigh

Lot #: 207

Blue&White pieces

Includes warming dish with lid; pitcher;bowl; platter(StoneChina) all with cracks and discoloursation.

Lot #: 208

Misc. paintings etc

Includes 2 by Edward Payne(7.5×9); ‘baby’ daguerotype etc.

Lot #: 209


3 crusifixes (2 wall mount , 1 standard)

Lot #: 210

Redware etc.

Includes 18″ decorated platter (chipped); 3 – 7.5″ baking dishes; with mottled glazed planter and small bowl.

Lot #: 211

Kitchen stoneware

Includes Dansk cream & sugar; Copenhagen bowl (chip); Vietnamese rect. Server; Brownware tumbler and 5 condiment dishes .

Lot #: 212

Silver plate pieces

Includes 14″ ‘dished’ server; 2 -10″ plates; small (7″) cocktail shaker; chamberstick; pepper grinder; 8″ box ; baby mug; cov’d box ; piggy bank etc.

Lot #: 213

Painted coats of arms

Includes numerous University and Military coats of arms (16 pcs>)

Lot #: 214

Oak & silverplate servers

Includes 2 biscuit barrels; 10″ salad bowl and handled sardine server. (all circa 1900)

Lot #: 215

Small boxes

Includes 7″ sq. wood box; 2-4″ ‘book’ boxes; 2- jewel boxes with Canadian arms; 3 Neo-Victorian trinket boxes and 2 ‘leather sachel boxes (Repro od 1920 pcs.)

Lot #: 216

Shoe braces

Lot of 4 shoe braces

Lot #: 217

Souvenir pieces

includes pens, ash tray from ‘The Plaza” ; ashtray from The King Edward; pillboxes from Royal York; and plaques from PQFA Montreal 1963; etc.

Lot #: 218

Plaques etc

Includes ‘elephant’& 1906penny horse brasses; Church’s Spats medallion; PQFA Labor Day Montreal 1963 plaque; Victorian ‘bill’ hook etc.

Lot #: 219

Toy models etc.

Includes model RollsRoyce; Corgi model of touring car; 4 Lesney car models; tram car, locomotive, Massey Harris tractor etc.

Lot #: 219b

Lot ‘Cornflower’ crystal

Includes 6 footed juice; 1 wine; 2 highball; 2 sherberts; 6 Whiskeys; 9″ water pitcher; 2 light candlestick;; 2 prs salt & peppers; together with 3 whiskeys and 8 juice in cornflower print pattern.

Lot #: 220

“Boy’s wear’ photos etc

Boy’s wear photos #97 & 98; with Grove school prayer

Lot #: 221

Desk clocks etc.

4 quartz desk clocks (2 folding); temp./humidity reader and card case (from Stratford Festival)

Lot #: 222

Wood candlesticks, etc.

Includes 11″ pair of wooden sticks; 11.5″ wwod with glass hurricane shade; and 12.5″ marble (vintage)

Lot #: 223

Wicker basket of photo frames

Includes 12 photo frames of various sizes and 2 prints of ‘handbags’. (all contemporary)

Lot #: 224

Misc kitchen items

Includes Chinese B/W teapot; Bavarian planter; 2 lipped glass decanter; 10″ pottery urn; min. chamber pot; etc.

Lot #: 225

Mugs etc.

Includes mugs from Univ. of Cambridge; Lakefield School; The Breakers, Palm Beach; Stratford Festival etc.and Delft spice jar.

Lot #: 226

Misc lot

Misc lot

Lot #: 227

Book-ends & shelves

Includes pairs of leather, ‘florentine’, and wooden(one damaged) bookends; with 1 single wooden and Clock shelf (8 x 15″)

Lot #: 228

Souvenir pieces

Includes Royal Canadian Army Corps badge; C&S from mount Stephen Club; Saucer from Royal Thames Yacht Club; paperweight from King’s College Cambridge; Coat of Arms lapel pins etc.

Lot #: 229

Spats & collars

Boxed pair of ‘Currie’Toronto spats, and 4 detachable collars (Arrow & Forsyth)

Lot #: 230

Bowling balls etc

Includes 2 antique bowling balls; 2 crochet balls; 9.5″plaster bust of child; and head og ‘Charlie Macarthy’ doll

Lot #: 231

Tiffany boxes etc.

2 Tiffany ‘blue’ boxes; Leather box of cufflinks & tie pins; Pen knife from Atlas Powder Co.; desk pen stand.

Lot #: 232


Includes framed set of 3 keys; black celluloid box with silver escutcheon; thermometer; and 2 wooden ‘train’sets.

Lot #: 233

Planter, vases etc.

Italian ‘Porcellane d’Arte’ bisque planter with ‘crest’; with Rosenthal ‘Studio’ 7″ vase; hand-painted handled vase with ‘camels; and SP ‘water holder.

Lot #: 234

Mirrored stands &self

3 stands with mirrored bases and ‘bar’ surrounds; with gilded shelf with mirrored top(24.5″x8″)

Lot #: 235

Needlework bell pulls; pillows; hangings

2 bell pulls (one needlepoint with ‘dog’); 2 black velvet pillows with metallic ‘medallions’; 2 hangings with coats of arms, 1 in antique finish and 1 with royal arms; and velvet table runner.

Lot #: 236

‘Dutch’ Style Chandelier

8 light brass ‘Dutch’ style chandelier with black shades (contemporary)(24″ dia. X 20″ H, exc. Chain)

Lot #: 237


Vintage black metal ‘candlestick’ lamp;(30″H); with black metal and brass lamp, (29″H) ; both with black shades

Lot #: 238

3 Vintage Baldwin Brass Lamps

solid cast brass lamps with ‘candlesticks’ and black shades; (24″ H)

Lot #: 239

Lot of ‘Venetian’ Masques

Lot (4) contemporary Venetian ‘masques’ in various sizes (from 7″ to 14″)

Lot #: 240

Pair of ‘Venetian’ Masques

Pair of contemporary ‘Venetian’ masques with wooden grips (25″)

Lot #: 241

Stratford Festival Theatre Memorabilia

Includes framed ‘Stratford 50 poster; 2007 Cue the Future poster; Elizabeth Rex(2000) plaque; and large 30th Anniversary poster.

Lot #: 242

Shakespeare Memorabilia

With ‘Shakespeare’ pillbox; Stratford vs. Shaw pennant; and ‘Shakespeare’ kleenex box top

Lot #: 243

Stratford Festival Theatre Souvenir Programs

Mostly from 2000 — 2018 (some duplicates)

Lot #: 244

Books on Stratford Festival

Includes Fift Seasons at Stratford(2); Romancing the Bard-Hunter; Stratford Gold -Ouzounian; Backstrage?-Ganong; First Stage – Patterson & Strange Summer.. By Perez.

Lot #: 245

Books on Shakespeare

Includes ‘Shakespeare in Preformance’ ; Anonymous – Shakespeare Revealed; Sonnets; Shakespeare ‘Notebook’; Filthy Shakespeare etc.

Lot #: 246

Patterson Theatre Sign

Road sign with direction to Tom Patterson Theatre

Lot #: 247

Shakespeare Plays

Includes :As You Like It; Merchant of Venice; Much Ado About Nothing; Comedy of Errors; Mac Beth; Caesar; Hamlet

Lot #: 248

Complete Works Shakespeare

Boxed volume of Complete Works by Collins

Lot #: 249

Books on Festival

2 – The Stratford Scene 1958-1968 (1 with dust jacket); and Stratford-scene one

Lot #: 250

Books on Stratford Festival

Includes: Railway Stratford (Robvinson); A Stratford Album; Orr-A lifetime Devoted to Stratford; Stratford Food etc.

Lot #: 251

Books on Stratford Festival

Swan Flying by Brandis; and To Stratford with Love – Monsarrat

Lot #: 252

Boxed set

Stratford (1953-1967) & (1968-1982)

Lot #: 253

Stratford, Ont Souvenirs

Victorian ewer with view of ‘new’ City Hall; Piggy bank; Vase; pill box; patch.

Lot #: 254

‘the Gallery Stratford’ Sign

Metal sign 3.5″ x 35″

Lot #: 255

Justin Bieber books etc.

Just Getting Started & First Step 2 Forever: My Story; together with Biebre board game and large poster.

Lot #: 257

Christopher Plummer letter

Signed letter to J.D.Sterne, with review (NYTimes) of ‘The Tempest’; podster for ‘A Word or Two’ and framed picture

Lot #: 258


Brass desk lamp (12″) and small table lamp(14″H)

Lot #: 259

Opera glasses etc.

Kershaw patent opera glasses, magnifying glass, letter opener, sm. Bellows, & Fitzwilliam Museum souvenirs

Lot #: 260

Versace necktie in box

Blue silk Versace Signature neck tie in Versace box.(vintage)

Lot #: 261

Rolls-Royce Ad

Re-print of April 20th 1907 ad in The Autocar for Rolls-Royce (framed)

Lot #: 262

Rolls-Royce flask and emblems

6oz. Stainless steel flask with Rolls-Royce logo, and two RR metal screw on emblems (in red)

Lot #: 263

AA’ emblems

2 screw on emblems American Automobile Assn. with customer numbers (4.5″)

Lot #: 264

Rolls-Royce wall plaque

Cast metal plaque with Rolls-Royce logo (vintage)

Lot #: 265

Rolls-Royce hood ornament

Spirit of Ecstacy’ hood ornament (authenticity?) (on black wood stand with glass cover)

Lot #: 266

Rolls-Royce hood ornament

Spirit of Ecstacy’ hood ornament (authenticity?) (on black wood stand)

Lot #: 267

Wine bottle sleaves

One cardboard for Blue Star Shiraz, Australia ( bin #256); one tin for Elaborador Codorniu, Spain, with litho of ’30s Gent.

Lot #: 268

Flasks etc.

Large glass flask with chrome mounts and initialled H.M.B. Hamilton; small Remy-Martin flask & S.P cocktail shaker

Lot #: 269


7 cork coasters (Moet&Chandon Champagne); litho’d stone for Vougeot 1er CRU 1984 & Westminister Abbey

Lot #: 270

Wine bottles

2 Moet et Chandon ‘Dom Perignon’ bottles, Veuve Clicquat Ponsardin bottle & ‘Bear’ vodka bottle

Lot #: 271

Champagne tin ‘lunch-box’ container

Made for Pol Roger & Co. France 1988

Lot #: 272

Wooden ‘Imperial’ wine bottle box

6 L. Chateau Coulonges Bordeaux 1990 (20.75″)

Lot #: 273

Wooden wine bottle box with bottle

5 L Mouton Cadet (Barone Philippe de Rothchild) Bordeaux 1991 bottle and box. 19.75″

Lot #: 274

Plaque “Martini&Rossi”

Reproduction advertising plaque for Vermouth Bianco by Martiuni&Rossi Torino

Lot #: 275

Leather boxes etc.

Two stacking leather boxes (8.5 & 11.5″); leather jewel box with lock, (8″); black leather box (11.5″) with handles; seagrass box and mesh box with handle.

Lot #: 276

Wicker’ container

Bombe form woven wicker container with hinged lid, & handles; (Vintage)(14W x 15H)

Lot #: 277

6 Bottle wooden wine box

Vino De La Tierra De Barros Almendralejo box with clasp (13 x 19.5″)

Lot #: 278

Eton’ box

Open box with rope handles with Eton College name & arms (6 x12″)

Lot #: 279

Pine box

Pine box with brass corners,handles, hinges and clasp (21 X 9.5 x 9″) (vintage)

Lot #: 280

Bin’ box

Pine ‘bin’ box (labelled 79lbs, 194S; with later brass handles (10x16x6.5″H)

Lot #: 281

Wicker baskets

Rectangular wicker basket with handle, (13 x 19 X 12H) & hinged wicker basket (19 x 14 x 9″H)

Lot #: 282

Bombay Co, CD box

Box in ‘Chippendale’ style with lock & key (19 x 7 x 9″H)

Lot #: 283

Picnic hamper

Wicker picnic hamper with plates, glasses & cutlery(plastic), with leather handle and clo

Lot #: 284

Panama hat

Christys London Panama hat (retailed J Shapley Cambridge); size 7(?)

Lot #: 285

Straw ‘Boater’ hat

Made in Italy (size 56 (7) with black & red ribbon

Lot #: 286

Straw ‘Boater’ hat

by Lee –5th Avenue N.Y.

Lot #: 287

Straw ‘Boater’ hat

By Premier Knox, 5th Avenue N.Y.; retailed by emps, Frederick MD.

Lot #: 288

Straw ‘Boater’ hat

by AH (?) size 6 7/8. (worn)

Lot #: 289

Straw hats

Lot #: 290

Henley regatta shield

Hand-painted Henly Royal Regatta shield with Senior Sculls Champions names

Lot #: 291

Cupid’ wall plaque

Large ‘chubby’ cupid with wings and glass eyes (vintage) (18.5″)

Lot #: 292

Royal invitations etc.

Framed Royal Opera card (1976); framed card of thanks 1994 (from Bishop) and invitations to Pan-Anglican Congree & weddiing of son of Maharaja of Jaipur (1961)

Lot #: 293


One in antique chinese style (13″); other carved wood (Chinese) (17″)(contemporary)

Lot #: 294

Souvenir (Frank Lloyd Wright), etc.

F.L.Wright window souvenir (6″x8″); with ‘florentine’ folder with St. Francis’ prayer

Lot #: 295

Model plane etc.

Cast aluminum model of plane with silver-plate measures (one from LouisBar) (vintage)

Lot #: 296

Labatt box

Labatt beer (Classic special extra aged)box (12 x 18 x 11H)

Lot #: 297


Carl Wetzlar 10X50 coated binoculars (with caps)

Lot #: 298


Wrought iron style chandelier with 6 candleholders (not electrified); (26″ Dia. X 24″H)

Lot #: 298a

Tray lots crystal glassware

2 tray lotsof vintage glassware; includes decanter (16″); 2 – 6″ footed bowls; 8 & 9.5″ serving plates; 11″ oval relish; 8 ” pitcher ; and ‘pear shaped relish.

Lot #: 299


Cut crystal 5 light chandelier in English style, with bag of prisms and strings; (many parts missing)(20″Wx24″H)

Lot #: 300


Lot #: 301

3 panel screen

Distressed finished pine screen with ‘gothic arches’; each panel 14″W x 90″H (hinges as is)

Lot #: 302

China cabinet

Two section cabinet, upper with glass doors (2 glass shelves) base 2 door cupboard (painted black) (vintage)(39″W x 760″H x16″D)

Lot #: 303


Pair of black finished bookcases with adjustable shelves (middle stationary), (31.5″W x 79.5″ H x 11″D)

Lot #: 304

Marble topped washstand

English walnut 2 door washstand with black marble top and backsplash; (marble has corner chipping,back has crack and ‘coat of arms’ added; missing part of side support) circa 1910

Lot #: 305

Low bookcases

Pair of contemporary low bookcases with 2 adjustable shelves, black finish(24.5″W x35″ H x 11.5″D)

Lot #: 306


Contemporary low bookcase in blue melamine and maple trim; (45.5″W x33″H x 13″D) (hole in 1 shelf)

Lot #: 307

Mahogany desk

Empire Revival’ mahogany desk with scroll supports; 2 drawers and upper drawers and pigeon holes (circa 1900); (veneer chipping) (36

Lot #: 308

Bombay Co. Serving cart

Butlers tray style 2 tier serving cart on shepherd casters; cherry finish(contemporary)(28″L x 18″ D x 29″ H)

Lot #: 309

Oak chest of drawers

Small refinished oak 5 drawer chest in ‘Empire’ style (circa 1910) (30″W x 38.5″H x 18″D)

Lot #: 310

Mahogany dining table

2 Pedistal vintrage dining table in ‘Regency’ style with banded top (70″ L x 36″W x 30″H) — with 1 leaf 18″(leaf with darker original finish)(circa 1940)

Lot #: 311

Pine open cupboard

Vintage pine cupboard with 3 shelves; on turned feet (17.5″ x 17″D x 44″H)89

Lot #: 312


Ash washstand in green distressed paint finish; 4 drawers and cupboard; circa 1890 (28″W x 16″D x 24.5″H)

Lot #: 312a


Contemporary maple legged stool with corded seat.(12 X 12X12)

Lot #: 313

Pine topped table

Table with pine top and turned (bannister) legs (37″L x 19.5″D x 28.5″H)

Lot #: 314

Open Davenport desk

Davenport desk with open shelves and writing slope and stationary box; walnut veneer with boxwood decoration, ‘leather’ top’ ; English circa 1890. (20″ x 17″ x 37.5″H)

Lot #: 315

Hespelar Furniture Chest of drawers

Vintage mahogany 6 drawer serpentine chest (32″W x 20″D x 50.5″H); later pulls; (veneer mimssing)

Lot #: 316

Pair bookcases

Pair of narrow walnut 4 shelf bookcases with ‘bobbin’ turned decoration (each: 17.5″W x 10″D x 43″H) circa 1930

Lot #: 317

Cherry chest of drawers

5 Drawer chest with moustache pulls; cut corners; back board (stripped with minimal finish) circa 1880 (46.5″ L x 19″D x 50″H)

Lot #: 318

Decorator lamp

Vintage ceramic lamp and shade with brass base; (28.5″H)

Lot #: 319

Decorator lamp

Vintage glass lamp in quitled style, brass base; (25.5″H)

Lot #: 320

Vintage lamp

Ceramic lamp with floral décor circa 1940; (25″ H)

Lot #: 320a

‘Finger painted crock’ lamp

Contemporary ‘crock’ lamp by Pfaltzgraff, Penn. (20″)

Lot #: 320b

Brass lamp

Vintage brass ‘tea caddy’ lamp with engraved decoration (19″H)

Lot #: 321


Contemporary 7 shelf ‘black’ bookcase (23.75″W x 11″DA x 79.5″H

Lot #: 322


Older pine bookcase now painted, 5 shelves (30″W x 11″D x 60″H)

Lot #: 323

Pair decorator lamps

Pair of cream ceramic lamps with gold lines ( 29″H)

Lot #: 323a

Old Books

6 books, includes; Little Annie Rooney on the Highway to Adventure, Men of the Mounted, The phantom and the Girl of Mystery, Little Orphan Annie in the Movies, Mickey Finn, and The Story of Charlie McCarty and Edgar Bergen

Lot #: 324

High chair, & wicker bassenet

High chair with hoop-back, spindle supports, zinc tray; painted white (17″W x 20″D x 35″H); & wicker bassenet on stand painted white (398″ x 19″ x 43″H)

Lot #: 325

Plant stand

Contemporary ‘BombayCo.’ style plant stand on tri-pod base;’mahogany’ finish (12″ Dia. x 28″H)

Lot #: 326

Wine table

Vintage mahogany wine table on tri-pod base with ‘dished’ top; (215.5″ D x 26.5″H)

Lot #: 327

Butlers tray on stand

Bombay Co. ‘mahogany’ brass cornered butlers tray on folding stand; (30″W x 18″D x 33’H) (top distressed)

Lot #: 327a

Tray on stand

Small handled tray (16 X 20) on folding stand (18″H)

Lot #: 328

Bookrack table

Table with bookrack shelf, cut-work sides (circa 1930) (28″L x 13″ x 24″H)

Lot #: 329

Pine washstand

Open pine washstand with drawer in base (Canadian c. 1870) (24″ x 16″ x 35″H)

Lot #: 330

Side table

Walnut side table made from tea wagon tray & oak ‘bannister’ legs (vintage)

Lot #: 331

Butlers tray cart

Bombay Co. with removeable 4 sided tray on shepherd castered cart with shelf (27.5 x 17.5 x 33″H)

Lot #: 332

Wine rack

Contemporary pine and metal wine rack(20.5″ x 9′ x20.5″H)

Lot #: 333

Butlers tray on stand

Bombay Co. ‘mahogany’ brass cornered butlers tray on folding stand; (30’W x 18″D x 33″H)

Lot #: 334

Mid-Century pine table

Egg shaped top with tri-pod base with unique slanted pedistal (partially stripped) (20″ x 12″ x 20″H)

Lot #: 334a


Vintage wood (maple) stool on 4 legs (13″ dia. x 31″H)

Lot #: 335

Floral decorated stand

Contemporary paint finished stand with drawer & shelf, cabriole legs (19′ x13.5″ x 28″)

Lot #: 336

Brief &Suitcases

Leather ‘Christie’ brief casenand 2 leather (black) suitcases (largest: 26 x 13 x 9″)

Lot #: 337

Sachel type suitcase

2 handled black leather suitcase (21 x 11 x 13″)

Lot #: 338

Wicker hamper

Large wicker hamper with double locks and handles (prob.circa 1900) (32″ x 18″ x 20″H)

Lot #: 339

Pine work box

19th C pine work box with interior shelves and compartments (36″ x 17.5″ x 19″H)(original finish)

Lot #: 339a

Canes, umbrellas etc in stand

Nailed stand with painting of horse & rider; with lot (15) umbrellas & canes together with brass candle snuffer.

Lot #: 340


Abercrombie & Fitch handled cooler with side drain ( 24″ x 12″ x 20″H)

Lot #: 341

Lawnbowling balls in suitcase

4 lawn bowling balls with ivory initialed mounts, in ‘leather small case (

Lot #: 342

Book stand

Bookstand with ‘Chinoiserie’ decoration (Coobe Furn.Co.) (22 x 15 x 2n7″H)

Lot #: 343

Penny-farthing bicycle scupture

Wrought – iron with ‘leather’ seat and wood hanle-bars (46″ L x 42″ H) (contemporary)

Lot #: 344

Print ‘The Alchemist’s Experiment takes Fire’

Re-print by Fisher Scientific Co. USA (21 x 26″)

Lot #: 345

Photograph – Wynarden, Brantford

Photo by John David Sterne of Wynarden, Brantford. (26 x 29″)

Lot #: 346

Print: of Vienna

after R Hosrow, 1986 (10 x 12″)

Lot #: 347

Framed poster

Poster of Royal Academy Retrospective 1982 (20.5 x 30″)

Lot #: 348

Framed print

Print of ‘blue’ cherryblossoms (26 x 38″)

Lot #: 349


Print after 18th C. crayon sketch in frame (15 x 18″)

Lot #: 350


Print of vase of roses (12 x 15″) and of roses with figurine, (18 x 22.5″)

Lot #: 351

Seward print

Print of Policeman and Mitchell by J E Seward (14 x 18″)

Lot #: 352

Lena Lih print

Limited edition Lih print of ‘sunflowers’ 2041/2500

Lot #: 353

Edwardian print

Print of 3 girls in frame (distressed)

Lot #: 354

Floral print

Print of peonys in vase (19 x 23)

Lot #: 355

The Princes in the Tower

Print (sepia) after painting by Millais in oak Edwardian frame (tear to bottom) (26 x 31″)

Lot #: 356

Alberta Hansard

Framed invitation to Alberta Speakers Gallery and pages from Alberta Hansard 1999 (24″ x 34″)

Lot #: 357

J.D.Sterne print: ‘The Red Door’

Large photographic print (30″ x 40″)

Lot #: 358

Framed military badges

5 embroirdered military badges in frame (13 x 28.5″)

Lot #: 359

Spy prints

Spy print of Lord Spencer,Sir Henry Bulwer & Hon. J.C. Vivian from Vanity Fair magazine (20.5″ sq ea.)

Lot #: 360

The King Edward 85th Anniversary print

Print of Edwared VII in coronation robes issued for 85th Anniversary of King Edward Hotel

Lot #: 361

Painting of Musician in Shakespearean time

oil on canvas, signed (Pennover?) (18 x 35″)

Lot #: 362

Print ‘Le chimiste’, Metsu

in shadow box frame, from Louvre No. 12461

Lot #: 363

Print in Victorian frame

Print of John the second Duke of Argyll

Lot #: 364

Print of Books

Print of ‘Duty’ Books 1909- 1923

Lot #: 365


Print of Albert & Anemonel and the Teeny Bears (22 x 16″)

Lot #: 366


Print of man in ‘Napoleonic masque” (17 x 21″)

Lot #: 367

Re-print of maps

Rre-prints of Saxton maps of England & Wales and of Hampshire (20 x 25″)

Lot #: 368

“Coat” rack

Made from drawer front, with door knobs and attached picture light (parts 19th C.)

Lot #: 369

Bulliton board & prints

Clothes-peg bulliton board (24 x 30″); with ‘chair’ & Edmonton Symphony prints

Lot #: 370

Pair photographic prints

Pair of black framed B/W photos of buildings with ‘coloured’ flowers (20″ x24″)

Lot #: 371

Mercantor box

with 18th C Dutch print on face (10″ x 15″)

Lot #: 372

Framed print

Print of man in evening clothes by Nibs (10.5 x 14.5″)

Lot #: 373

Print: Dressing gown

Print of multi-coloured dressing gown (12 x 16)

Lot #: 374

Portrait print

Print of portrait of young man in sailors dress; (18 x 23)

Lot #: 375


Print of young Prince (probably Renaissance) (11 x 15)

Lot #: 376

Contemporary metal wall hanging

Metal plaque with central print of ‘Architecture’ with antiqued copper ‘frame’ with ‘Lion’ masque decoration. (32.5″ x 42.5″)

Lot #: 377

Slag glass hanging fixture

Octagonal fixture with cast brass frame and panels of carmel and blue slag glass; (21″ Dia. 13″H) with later electrical fixture and chain)

Lot #: 378

20’s electrical fixture

4 light brass fixture with foliate decoration; with 5 enamelled glass shades (modern Chinese); (~16″ Dia., 31″H with chain)

Lot #: 379

WW II model planes

Messerschmitt 262; FocheWulf & ‘Battle of Britain model

Lot #: 380

Airplane models

Mode of ‘Avenger TBF’; and Major Boyington’s Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Lot #: 381

Car’ models

1941 Lincoln Continental; Porsche Carrera RS; Alfra Romero Gran-Turisimo; and 1927 ‘T’ Ford ‘Sad Sack’

Lot #: 382

Board game, Military etc.

Man from Uncle’ card game; Tank model and 18 US military figures

Lot #: 383

Meccano Army Multikit

10 different models

Lot #: 384

View Master & Kenner projector

Sawyer view-master projector; Kenner movie projector (4 movies); with ViewMaster & slides.

Lot #: 385

Tonka ‘Fire Dept. Set (830)

with Ambulance , Fire Chief vehicle and flatbed (missing pieces)

Lot #: 386

Corgi 651 Air France Concorde

in box

Lot #: 387

Dinky toy ‘Fire Chief’s Car 195

in box

Lot #: 388

Matchbox K-5; King-Size Racing Car Transporter

in box

Lot #: 389

Dinky Toy ‘Ferrari 312/B12 Racing car

in box

Lot #: 390

Lesney ‘Matchbox’

K-12 Heavy Break-Down Wreck Truck & 61 BP Exploration truck (in boxes)

Lot #: 391

Dinky toy

Space 1999 360 Eagle Freightern (in box)

Lot #: 392

Dinky toy 945

A.E.C. Esso Fuel Tanker (in box)

Lot #: 393

Dinky toys

Jeep; Army Wagon; Fordson flatbed; Delivery van(missing tires)

Lot #: 394

Dinky toy

model of Harrier Jet (GR MKI) with retractable landing gear (missing cockpit glass and paint)

Lot #: 395

Reproduction 19th C. Fire truck

with horses and detachable ladders and firemen

Lot #: 396

Dinky toy 689

Medium Artillery tractor (in box)

Lot #: 397

Dinky toy 693

7.2 Howitzer gun (in box)

Lot #: 398

Dinky toy 670 (pr.)

2 Armoured cars (in boxes)

Lot #: 399

Dinky toy 697

25-pounder Field Gun set (gun & transporter) (in box)

Lot #: 400

Diinky toy

Long John missile launcher with missile (broken)

Lot #: 401

Dinky toy tank

Centurion tank 651 and Transporter 650 (rubber tank treads broken)

Lot #: 402

Diny toy tank

Centurion tank 651 (rubber tank treads intact)

Lot #: 403

Dinky toy

UFO Intetrceptor 351 (in box)

Lot #: 404

Cast toys

Lot of small size cast toys includes cars, trucks etc. (22 pcs)

Lot #: 405

Plastic models (military)

Includes tanks, transports, jeep, planes (7 pcs.)

Lot #: 406

Plastic tank models

Quantity of tank models possibly not all complete.

Lot #: 407


Includes Hi-Q puzzle game; Bingo card set; Play-Doh box; Rd. playing cards & Backgammon set(boxed)

Lot #: 408

Jello/Hostess ‘chips’

Large lot of Jello/Hostess plastic chips with ‘cars, planes etc.

Lot #: 409

Slinky toy

in box

Lot #: 410


includes ‘Balloon Pump Kit; Patience cards (in case); MiniCube fusion game; Dominos; Rubics cube etc.

Lot #: 411

Tobacco tins

includes Amphora; Players; Vogue Daily Mail & MacDonalds

Lot #: 412

Electric Putting Cup

Professional series, made in China

Lot #: 413

Model train set

The PC insiders express HO scale electric Model train set, in box

Lot #: 414

Model train set

President’s Choice 6060 Bullet-Nosed Express; in boxz

Lot #: 415

Train set accessories

includes house, switching station, cars etc.

Lot #: 416

Trainset accessoreies

includes gas station, factory, house etc.

Lot #: 417

Train set accessories

includes water tower, switching station, bank , house etc.

Lot #: 418

Tyco train set

includes locomotive; observation, combine and coach cars

Lot #: 419

General HO train cars

Includes Reefer Apple box car; Dupont Tank car; Sealand Container; Santa Fe trailer ; CN Box; Great Northern hopper & Shell tanker

Lot #: 420

HO Buildings etc

includes Container unloading station(Model Power); General store; platform House (Heljan)

Lot #: 421

HO Buildings etc

large amount of buildings, track, towers etc. for HO train sets

Lot #: 422

Lionel O&027 cars

2 – CP Freight carriers (silver & orange)

Lot #: 423

Roundhouse die cast models

Quaker oats car & NYC hopper car

Lot #: 424

Lionel O scale cars

9013 CN hopper car & 9064 C&O lighted caboose

Lot #: 425

H-O cars (Cox)

U.S. Army #85 Big Gun and 4825 Flat car with M60 tank

Lot #: 426

H-O Buildings

Freightor ship; Freight dock; Water tower; Operating Engine house; Trees etc.; misc.

Lot #: 427

H.O. cars

Lionel CP box car (Blt 5-75) & CP box car (Blt 1-81

Lot #: 428

O cars

Includes CP locomotive; Newspaper container; Box car; & caboose

Lot #: 429

Cast metal Locomotives

CN locomotive and CP locomotive

Lot #: 430

Cast metal HO engines etc.

Southern Pacific; Western Pacific; Reliance Rock (with coal car); & Cobalt Mines car

Lot #: 430b


Lot of 4 Canadian official wall maps (with wood hangers) (33″ x 47″) ; (St. Laurence River to Longue Pointe; St. Laurence Seaway – Port de Montreal; St. Laurence Seaway – McDonald Point to Grenadier Island and Canal de Beauharnois Lac St-Louis (34″ x 36″)

Lot #: 430c


Pair of ladies new high heeled red ‘velvet ‘ boots with decorative zipper; (size 38)

Lot #: 431

Headphone system

Recoton wireless headphone entertainment system (W222 SX)

Lot #: 432

Shark cordless hand vac

Wet/dry cordless vacuum by Shark (in box)

Lot #: 432a

President’s Choice Digital Coffee Maker

Lot #: 433

RCA CD player

Car/personal CD player (RP 7926)

Lot #: 434

TEAC CD – X10i Hi-Fi system

Ultar thin wall or table mount

Lot #: 435

JVC micro component system

JVC FS-V30 micro component system

Lot #: 436

CocaCola red micro fridge

Lot #: 437


Lamp made from oil lamp parts; including glass font (now loose) (~ 29″ H)

Lot #: 438

Brass & marble Desk lamp

Contemporary brass desk lamp with marble base (14″ H)

Lot #: 439

Desk lamp

Painted (flat black) brass desk lamp (dint to shade)

Lot #: 440


Tudor’ style antiqued copper 4 light chandelier ; circa 1920 (17″ Dia. X 22″H)

Lot #: 440a

Tray lot of decorativew items

Includes Tea light in metal stand; red glass ”Modern’ vase; pewter “coronet’ shaped tankard; American Eagle figurine by Maruri USA on wood base; ; paperweight with ‘cross’; and “candlestick with’ floaters’ .

Lot #: 441

Lladro figurine

Lladro figurine # 4650, ‘Girl with Lilies” (9″)

Lot #: 442

‘With Love’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 3393; (1992)

Lot #: 443

Doulton Figurine

Classic Sentiments –Skating’ HN 4370 (2001)

Lot #: 444

‘With All My Love’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN4213 (1999)

Lot #: 445

Doulton figurine

‘Goody two Shoes”; HN 2037; (1949)

Lot #: 446

‘Lily’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 1798; (1937)

Lot #: 447

‘Janet’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 1537 (1932)

Lot #: 448

‘Tom Sawyer’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 2926 (1981)

Lot #: 449

‘Cissie’ Royal Doulton Figurine

Cissie’; HN 1809 (1937)

Lot #: 450

‘Valerie’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN2107; (1952)

Lot #: 451

‘Bunny’ Royal Doulton Figurine

Bunny’; HN 2214;(1959)

Lot #: 452

‘The Cup of Tea’ Signed Royal Doulton Figurine

HN2322; (1963) (signed,dated 1979)

Lot #: 453

‘The Rag Doll’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN2142; (1953)

Lot #: 454

‘The Rag Doll Seller’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN2944; (1983)

Lot #: 455

‘Monica’ Royal Doulton Figurine

Monica’; HN 1457; (1931)

Lot #: 456

‘Sweet Dreams’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 2380; (1970)

Lot #: 457

MacIntyre/ Moorcroft Vase

Vase in cobalt & orange designed by Wm. Moorcroft while at J MacIntyre, circa1900

Lot #: 458

MacIntyre/ Moorcroft Vase

Vase in cobalt & orange on gold ground; designed by Wm. Moorcroft while at J MacIntyre, circa1900

Lot #: 459

Royal Crown Derby Paperweight Figure

Paperweights in traditional ‘Imari’ colours; both with ‘gold’ seal insets in bottom

Lot #: 460

Royal Crown Derby China

pattern 1128, includes demi-tasse Cup & saucer; coaster; 2 B&B plates and letter opener

Lot #: 461

Royal Crown Derby ‘Olde Avesbury’ Cake Plate


Lot #: 462

Royal Crown Derby ‘Red Aves’ Demitasse

Includes demi-tasse cup & saucer; B&B plate and 8.75″ fluted dessert plate

Lot #: 463

Ansley ‘Imari’ demi-tasse

Aynsley demi-tasse c.1900; with brass wire holder

Lot #: 464


Willow’ pattern demi-tasse; by Burleighware, England, circa 1900 (with wood stand)

Lot #: 465

Art-glass perfume

Iridescent blue glass perfume, of squat form; with artist signature on base.

Lot #: 466

‘Omar Khayyam’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 2247; (1964)

Lot #: 467

‘The Potter’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 1493

Lot #: 468

‘Sweet Dreams’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 2380; (1976)

Lot #: 469

‘The Jester’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 2016

Lot #: 470

‘Teatime’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 2255; (1966)

Lot #: 471

‘Biddy Penny Farthing’ Royal Doulton Figurine

from Miniature Street Vendors; HN4933; (2006)

Lot #: 472

The Old Balloon Seller’ Royal Douton Figureigurine

HN1315; (1928)

Lot #: 473

‘Lady Betty’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 1967

Lot #: 474

‘The Balloon Man’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN 1954

Lot #: 475

‘Falstaff’ Royal Doulton Figurine

HN2054; 1949

Lot #: 476

‘The Old Balloon Seller’ Royal Doulton Figurine


Lot #: 477

2 Hummell Figurines

Girl and Boy with Guitar and Ukelelle; with Little girl on Fence

Lot #: 478

Pendelfin figurines

Includes ‘Dandy’, ‘Milly’,’Hazel’ and’Bathtub’

Lot #: 479

Pendelfin figurines

Uncle Soames and Father Rabbit

Lot #: 480

Pendelfin figurines

Includes ‘Whopper’,’Nipper’, ‘Rocky’, Woodlander ‘David’, & Woodlander ‘Cobbler’.

Lot #: 481

Pendelfin figurines

Muncher’, ‘Pieface’, “Picnic Midge’, with’Tucker’ by Pepiware

Lot #: 482

Pendelfin figurines

Dodger’,’Twins’,’Wakey’,’Peeps’,’Totty’, ‘Woodlander’Nannette’, Woodlander ‘Caroline’,&’Snoozy’ by Pepiware

Lot #: 483

Chinese ‘Mud’ figurine

Figurine of Fisherman with trap and fish (7″)

Lot #: 484

Pair of Lladro ‘Dove’ Figurines


Lot #: 485

‘Swan’ Lladro Figure


Lot #: 486

Pair of Gorham Salad Servers and Slice

Pair of Gorham ‘Heritage’ silver plate (Italy) (11.5″) salad servers, and ‘Lasagna’ slice (with S.P. ladle)

Lot #: 487

Pair of English Oval Entrée Dishes

silver plate entrée dishes with ‘Ovenware’ glass liners; detachable handles.

Lot #: 488

Soup ladles etc..

Includes SP on zinc. Ladle (China); 2 stainless steel ladles and lifter; with Birks Regency plate handled chopper; ‘Woodbridge butter spreaders (contemporary or vintage)

Lot #: 489

Individual tea service

Silver Plate on brass tea set (coffee, tea, cream, sugar w. tray)(1 lid detached)(tray 11″ oval; coffee 5.5″H)

Lot #: 490

Tea service and tray

4 piece (tea, coffee, cream sugar) in Viking plate with superior 25″ handled foliate bordered tray. (vintage)

Lot #: 491

Roger Bros Silver Plate Ice Bucket

with insulated liner with lion masque ring handles (vintage)

Lot #: 492

Silverplate serving pieces

Vintage pieces -8.25″ Birks Regency bowl; Rogers gravy boat & stand; 9″ footed bowl; 12″ salver & 12″ salver with inscription (1975.

Lot #: 493

Silverplate tray etc.

Includes 22″ oval tray; Cream & sugar; 10.5″ tray; and 9″ pieplate stand with French Ivory handles and 7″ rosebowl.

Lot #: 494

Silverplate servers

Includes 2- 10″ rd trays; 14.5″ tray with ‘chippendale edge; 2 – meat platters (14 & 18″ and 15″ oval )

Lot #: 495

Silver Plate Pitcher and manyaisse Servers

2- mayonaisse servers (1 with related stand) ; and 7″ice-water jug

Lot #: 496

Sterling Tea Service

3 piece English sterling tea service in ‘melon’ shape by Ed. Barnard 1832-34

Lot #: 497

Nippon Cocoa Set

Hand-painted with ‘Roses’; includes cocoa pot, 5 cocoa cups and 6 saucers; circa 1890

Lot #: 498

Cut Crystal Decanters

11.5 ” and 10.5″

Lot #: 499

Brass Seals

Lot of brass seals (capital letters) with turned wood handles ; together with press mold (Design Centre London)

Lot #: 499a

Bayonet & sheath

Bayonet marked 1917 Lithgow, with metal and leather sheath.(23″L)

Lot #: 500

Press-Cut Vase & Bowls

Includes 6.5″ vase & 5.5 & 8″ bowls together with 2 decorated milk glass ‘Easter’ eggs

Lot #: 501

Royalty Glass Items

Includes Charles&Diana wedding goblet (1981); 2 – 1937 coronation glasses; and pair of Victoria 1837 goblets (Repro.

Lot #: 502

Birks Sterling Flatware Set

Set of “George II” pattern flatware with 12 luncheon knives; 12 luncheon forks; 8 teaspoons; 12 coffee spoons; 12 dessert forks; 8 soup spoons; 8 butter spreaders; 4 Bullion soup spoons; 2 table (serving) spoons; Gravy ladle; Sauce ladle; Butter knife; Pie server (stainless blade;); sugar spoon; picle fork; olive fork. Together with: 4 Boullion soup spoons; 8 Fish knives; 8 Fish forks; Cold meat fork and Bread knife in matching Birks Regency plate

Lot #: 503

Vintage Sterling Candlesticks

Set of 4 – 2.5″ weighted sterling candlesticks

Lot #: 504

‘Globe-Wernicke Co.’ Bill File

Columbia’ bill file by The Globe-Wernicke Co. Ltd, Stratford, Ont.

Lot #: 505

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Bausch & Lomb, style C, in leatherette case

Lot #: 506

Tiffany and Co. Sterling Shoe-Horn

marked ‘Streamerica’ C. 2002, Tiffany & Co. 925

Lot #: 507

Pair of Birk’s Sterling Brushes

‘Deco’ Birk’s sterling gentleman’s hair brushes

Lot #: 508

Silver Plate Porringer & Tongs


Lot #: 509

Desk Clock

Quartz movement desk clock in mahogany case with sterling ‘frame’ (contemporary)

Lot #: 510

Sterling Picture Frame

Oak frame with sterling face (English) (7″ x 9.5″)

Lot #: 511

Sterling Child’s Mug

English 18th C. (initial removed, silver thinned and back soldered)

Lot #: 512

Pair of Cufflinks and Tie Pins

in 10K with 14K white gold borders of stones; and sterling tie clip (Brantford Mem.)

Lot #: 513

Napkin Rings

Pair of heavy Birks-Ellis oval napkin rings, one ring (crushed) and one unmarked

Lot #: 513a

Silver salt

Boat shaped sterling salt with beaded edges and initials (London 1785)

Lot #: 514

Sterling Spoons and Forks

Lot of 6 misc. small spoons ands 3 forks (with 1 Gorham coffee unmarked)

Lot #: 515

Mercury Goblet and Egg Cup

with painted decoration (goblet 5″H)

Lot #: 516

Amberina Pitcher

with ‘high handle’ circa 1900 (6″)

Lot #: 517

‘Cane’ Pickle Cruet & Tongs

Cane’ pattern pickle cruet with S.P. lid (no stand), with pair of tongs; circa 1890

Lot #: 518

Staffordshire ‘House’ Bank

Staffordshire bank of ‘house’ with applied foliage; Circa 1870 ( 5″ H)

Lot #: 519

Carafe & Finger Bowl

Cut & frosted carage and finger bowl Circa 1910

Lot #: 520

EAPG ‘Plain Sunburst’ Goblet

c. 1880

Lot #: 521

EAPG ‘Notched Bull’s Eye’ Goblet

c. 1880

Lot #: 522

EAPG ‘Honeycomb’ Goblet

c. 1880

Lot #: 523

EAPG ‘Cord & Tassel’ Goblet

c. 1870

Lot #: 524

Miessen Medallion

Marked Miessen medallon of ‘Medusa’ ; souvenir of Staatl. Museen Zu Berlin DDR; framed (4″)

Lot #: 524a


Wedgwood ashtray in ‘KutaniCane’ pattern C.1955

Lot #: 524b

Royal Albert china

Two small trays in American Beauty pattern (4 & 7 “)

Lot #: 525

‘Hummingbird’ D’Orlan Pin

Hummingbird’ pin by D’Orlan with Swarovski crystals, hand enameled and 22K plated

Lot #: 526

Coro Costume Jewelry

Necklace and earrings with ‘pearls’ & brilliants; with sterling ‘Bird’ pin (1950’s)

Lot #: 527

Coro Costume Jewelry

Necklace , bracelet, earrings; and rhinestone bracelet

Lot #: 528

‘Crane’ D’Orlan Pin

with Swarovski crystals, hand painted enamel and 22 kt plating.

Lot #: 529

Rhinestone Costume Jewelry

Jay Flex sterling necklace with ‘blue’ stone; Continental necklace and earrings, and necklace.

Lot #: 530

Domestic Runner

(29″ x 108″)

Lot #: 531

Oriental Runner

Hand knotted, made in Iran ; runner (34″ x 118″)

Lot #: 532

Oriental ‘Shiraz’ Rug

Hand-knotted, made in Iran; rug (59″ x 119″)

Lot #: 533

Indian ‘Aubusson’ Ethan Allen Rug

Hand knotted, made in India for Ethan Allen (70″ x 104″)

Lot #: 534

Domestic ‘Modern’ Shaw Rug

made in USA, 100% olefin, modern design (52″ x 128″)

Lot #: 535

Oriental Mat

Hand knotted (39″ x 58″) (edge wear)

Lot #: 536

Oriental Carpet

in mauve tones, (95″ x 117″)

Lot #: 537

Indian ‘Aubusson’ Rug

Hand-knotted, made in India; on cream ground; (10’1″ x 14′ 2″)

Lot #: 541

Plush ‘TY’ Toys

8 plush toys. 4 are ‘TY” Beanie Babies (including; ‘Dizzy’, ‘Snow-Girl’, ‘Santa’, and ‘Zero’), Santa by Russ brand, Disney Yellow Rabbit ornament, bird with red sweater (no band/tag), penguin with hat and scarf

Lot #: 542

Tray Lot of Christmas Ornaments

includes 20 ornaments and 1 set of wooden blocks spelling out ‘Merry Christmas’

Lot #: 543

Boyds Bears and Friends Christmas Bears

includes 6 bears: A.J. Blixen, Eldon Elfberg, Ernie Elfbeary, Poppa and Noelle

Lot #: 544

Tray Lot of Christmas Ornaments

22 in total. includes a bath and body works hand sanitizer and carrier

Lot #: 545

Boyds Bears

10 bears in total. includes; Alyssa Berrifrost, Adrienne Berrifrost, Almee Berrifrost, Christmas 2002, 2003, and 2005, Pooh 199, and 200, and x2 Baby’s First Christmas

Lot #: 546

Christmas tree ornaments

Lot #: 547

boyds bears and friends Christmas bears

Lot #: 548

kids’s Christmas ornaments

includes strawberry shortcake, my little pony, cinderella, the cookie monster, boots, pooh and eore, mickey, beauty/ belle, sleeping beauty, elfs and more

Lot #: 549

TY’ christmas bears

includes 7 bears; ‘1997 holiday’, 1998 holiday teddy, ‘2003’ holiday teddy’, ‘1997’ teddy, ‘twinkling, ‘jangle’, and ‘hollydays’

Lot #: 550

snow globe music boxes and sleigh ornaments

includes 7 items; 3 snow globe music boxes ith a snowman, reindeer, and santa, and 4 red and blue ‘blizzard wizard sleighs

Lot #: 551

TY’ brand christmas plush

includes; ‘halo II’, ‘presents’, ‘melton’, ‘mr.frost’, ‘goody’, ‘snowball’, ‘snowgirl’ and ‘2000’

Lot #: 552

Blue and Silver Christmas Ornaments

Lot #: 554

Tray Lot of Candles and Christmas Candle Holders

includes 7 (used) candles (Bath and Body Works Love & Sunshine, Fresh Sparking Snow, Paris Lavender Macaroon, Pineapple Palm Grass, Red Guava Lava, Merry Cookie and Cinnamon Frosting), 2 Bath and Work works 3-wick Candle Holders, a 3 tea light wood candle holder, a ceramic Santa 3-wick candle holder, a snow tall candle holder and a glass dear figurine

Lot #: 555

Santa Figurines

includes 3 figurines

Lot #: 556

Tray Lot of Christmas Theme ‘TY’ Plush Toys

7 plush toys in total. Includes: ‘Gifts’, ‘Santa’, ‘2001 Holiday’ and ‘Kringles’ from the Jingle Beanies Collection, ‘Santa’, ‘Igloo’ and ‘Halo’ from the Beanie Boos Collection

Lot #: 557

‘The Twelve Teas of Christmas’ Tea Set

includes: 4 cups and saucers, a tea pot and a receipe book

Lot #: 558

Assortment of Christmas Plates

8 plates, includes: “Candy Cane Kitchen & Bakery”, a penguin with winter hats, a Santa plate, “cookies for Santa” plate, and 4 snowman plates

Lot #: 559

Christmas and Holiday Gift Boxes

includes 9 gift boxes (2 wine snowman boxes, 1 snowman 3-part tin 4 small decorative boxes, and 2 large boxes), a cubed card, and a ‘wishing you the joy of Christmas’ oversized tag

Lot #: 560

4 Ceramic Santa and Nutcracker Music Box Ornaments

4 ornaments, includes x2 Santa and x2 nutcracker

Lot #: 561

Disney Princesses Stocking Hangers

includes 2 stocking holders, with Disney princesses Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Marked Disney on the bottom, Made in China

Lot #: 562

Pottery Barn Christmas Tree Stocking Hangers

includes 2 stocking holders 1 needs polishing

Lot #: 563

Countdown to Christmas Box

doors swing in and out with magnets keeping the doors in place. Days 1 – 25

Lot #: 564

Christmas Lights

approx. 5 sets

Lot #: 565

‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Jiminy’ Disney Christmas Ornament

includes 2 ornaments; Pinocchio #26231 116 and Jiminy #26231 114

Lot #: 566

3 Disney Ornaments

includes; little mermaid # 26231 102, Cinderella #26231 132 Christmas magic ornament, and Tarzan

Lot #: 567

3 Disney Ornaments

includes; ‘Bambi’ # 26231 120, ‘101 Dalmatians’ #26231 105, and ‘lady’ #26231 129

Lot #: 568

‘Scrooge’ Disney Christmas Magic Ornament

#26231 213 Scrooge

Lot #: 569

Disney’s ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ Christmas Ornaments

‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

Lot #: 570

Disney’s Pocahontas Christmas Ornaments

includes; ‘meeko’ # 26231 139, and ‘Pocahontas’ #26231 138

Lot #: 571

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornaments

includes; ‘the three fairies’ president’s edition and ‘aurora’ president’s edition

Lot #: 572

Disney/Pixar Christmas Ornaments

includes; ‘flik from a bugs life, ‘chicken little’ from chicken little, ‘nemo’ from nemo, ratatouille from tatatouille, and lighting mcqueen from cars, all are president’s edition

Lot #: 577

‘Pluto’ and ‘Goofy’ Disney Christmas Ornaments

includes 2 ornaments; Pluto #26231 111 and Goofy #26231 109

Lot #: 579

Disney’s Dumbo Christmas Ornaments

includes 3 ornaments; ‘Dumbo from Disney’s classics dumbo president’s edition, timothy from Disney’s classics Dumbo president’s edition, and ‘Dumbo’ # 26231 118 Disney

Lot #: 580

Disney’s The Loin King Christmas Ornaments

includes 3 ornaments; ‘Simba’ # 26231 133 from Disney, ‘Simba with gift’ #26231 161 from disney, and ‘ Pumbaa and Timon # 26231 148 from disney

Lot #: 581

‘Alice’ & ‘Mad Hatter’ Disney Christmas Ornaments

Alice and Mad Hatter from Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, from the Grolier President’s Edition

Lot #: 582

Disney World 2006 Ornaments

includes 5 ornaments; Tomorrowland, Haunted Mansion, Fantasyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Railroad

Lot #: 583

Disney’s The Rescuers Christmas Ornaments

includes 2 ornaments; ‘Bernard’ president’s edition and ‘Bianca’ president’s edition

Lot #: 584

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Christmas Ornaments

includes 2 ornaments; ‘Lilo’ president’s edition, and ‘Stitch’ president’s edition

Lot #: 585

Disney’s Aladdin Christmas Ornaments

includes 2 ornaments; ‘Aladdin genie #26231 126, and Christmas magic ‘Aladdin #266231 144

Lot #: 586

4 Christmas Ornaments

nutcracker sweets’, ‘here’s the scoop snowball and tuxedo’ from hallmarks keepsaek collection, the bradford group jingle bell ornaments with angels, and santa claus- the united states from the international sana claus collection

Lot #: 587

8 christmas ornaments

includes; hannah montana disney channel oranemnt form hallmark keepsake collection, belle from disney’s beauty and the beast from hallmark keepsake collection, barbie and the magic of pegasus hallmark keepsake ornament, barbie as rosella in barbie as the island princess ornament from hallmark keepsake collection barbie as liana in barbie and the diamond castle ornament from hallmar keepsake collection barbie as titania a midsummer night’s dream oranment, barbie as the princess and the pauper ornament, barbie swan lake ornament set

Lot #: 588

7 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

includes; healing hearts 2007, a Christmas store a visit from Santa, mischievous kittens, a very good girl a visit from Santa, (x3) mistletoe miss

Lot #: 589

Christmas Tree Ornaments

includes 6 ornaments: ‘peace’ Boyds and Bear ornament, ‘if I didn’t start painting, I would have raised chicken’ Boyds Bears and friends figurine, ‘surprise’ Elmo from sesame street, Pat the Bunny ornament, Holiday Preparations ornament from Toot and Puddle and Strawberry Shortcake cooks up some holiday fun (scented) ornament

Lot #: 590

Santa and Christmas Decorative Signs

Santa, is it too late to be good?’, ‘Santa leave presents take sister’, ‘dear Santa, if down our chimney you won’t fit, the door key’s here for your benefit’, Christmas tree shelf, Christmas square hanging blocks

Lot #: 591

Misc Christmas Items

Christmas tree and present plus with legs, stockings, nutcracker reusable gift bag, elf on the shelf bag, pink Santa hat

Lot #: 592

‘Scrooge and Marley Counting House’

from the Dicken’s Village Series, 10″ tall

Lot #: 593

Santa Statues

23″ tall and 17″ tall

Lot #: 594

Blue and Gold Frosted Christmas Tree

33″ high

Lot #: 595

Tray Lot of Christmas Interior Decorations

includes ceramic light up house (missing light), ‘home for the holidays’ jewelry box, ceramic village people, cermic house with cord, little nutcrackers and Christmas trees

Lot #: 596

Tray Lot of Christmas Decorations

includes ribbon, ornaments, stocking

Lot #: 597

Pair “quilt’ Teddy bears & hat box

One in plain white quilt material the other in patch-work (15″H); hat box (14″Dia. X 7″H)

Lot #: 598

Caricature doll(painter)

Stuffed doll with papier-mache head (hand painted and clothed ) (21″H)

Lot #: 599

Avonlea doll

“Alexi’ by Avonlea Traditions (now Maplelea) (18″H)

Lot #: 600

Boy scout hat

Official hat, with maisonitte holder

Lot #: 601

Baby carriage

In black enamelled wood with wire wheels and ‘brake'(missing ‘hood’; (13.5 x 33 x 30H)

Lot #: 602

Baby carriage

In cream painted wood with wire wheels and leatherette interior with blue canvas hood. (16″W x 32″L x 38″H)

Lot #: 603

Doll’s carriage

In black with grey lining (15″ x 33″ X 2*”H)

Lot #: 604

Wicker Oval Basket & Shoulder Bag

Basket (17″ x 8″ x 18H); bag (11.5″ x 6.5″ x 14.5″H) with leather straps; together with 2 straw hats

Lot #: 605

8 Black and Beige Folding Chairs

imported by Trileaf Distrubution, good condition

Lot #: 611

Precision Dog Crate

good condition

Lot #: 612

Megaware Green Pots

can be used on Electric, Induction, Ceramic, and gas, made in Spain, includes (x2) 0.5QT – 1 has visible burn marks on the lid and handle of the lid, 0.9 L pot with handle, 5,5 Qt./4,8L pot with 2 handles, and 9qt/8L pot with 2 handles

Lot #: 613

Baking Dishes and Accessories

includes; L’Ovenware Loaf Dish, (x2) Pyrex 9″/23cm pie dish, Pyrex 9.5″/24cm pie dish, rolling pin, a cookie press, cookie cutter, measuring spoons, a pig plate, a blending mixer

Lot #: 614

Baking Tins and Utensils

assortment of baking pans and a bag of matching utensils

Lot #: 615

Blue Ceramic Kitchen Storage Containers

in 4 different sizes

Lot #: 616

Pyrex Covered Dish and Medalta Stoneware

Medalta Potteries Ltd. Medicine Hat Alberta

Lot #: 617

Wolfgang Puck Countertop Oven

in working condition

Lot #: 618

Wolfgang Puck Electric Griddle

in working condition

Lot #: 619

Todd English MultiAir Fryer

in working condition

Lot #: 620

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

comes with a couple of filters

Lot #: 621

Hamilton Beach Egg Muffin Sand Which Maker

Lot #: 622

Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Gray Humidifier

in working condition, comes with manual

Lot #: 623

Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Black Humidifier

in working condition, comes with manual

Lot #: 624

Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart White Humidifier

in working condition, comes with manual

Lot #: 625

Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Gray Humidifier

in working condition, comes with manual

Lot #: 626

Aus Meisterhand Chromstall Pots

new in box, Stainless Steel 18/10

Lot #: 627

Acero Inoxidable Brilliant Cook

Lot #: 628

Toastmaster Cool-Touch Griddle

Lot #: 629

Baseball Glove

Lot #: 630

Vases, Pitcher and Wine Coaster

Lot #: 631

Fiesta Plates and Pie Plate

2 green, 2 orange (1 orange cracked), 1 pink and a blue pie dish

Lot #: 632

Glass Kitchen Storage Containers

Lot #: 633

Fiesta Glassware

Lot #: 634

Concept Solutions Paper Shredder

not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 635

Panasonic DVD/ CD Player

DVD-S26, with advanced progressive scan, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 636

Sony Blue-Ray / DVD Player

BDP-S370, comes with remote, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 638

RCA DVD/ CD/ MP3 and Video Casset Player

DRC 6000, comes with remote, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 639

Sony Bravia TV

not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 640

Sony Trinitron TV

comes with remote, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 641

Samsung Sync Master 24″ Monitor

245BW, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 642

LG Flatron 21″ Monitor

E2242, comes with power cord, not tested selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 643

SHARP Liquid Crystal 18″ TV

model LC-19SB27UT, comes with power cord, no remote, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 644

Sony Surround Sound System

includes 5 speakers, and cords to connect the speakers, but is missing the receiver. Also comes with possible remote. not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645

Sylvania Speaker

comes with remote and power cord, not tested, selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645a

Tray Lot of TV Cords

includes misc cable cords, Audio/video/ cord, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645b

Tray Lot of Computer Cords and Accessories

includes a Logitech keyboard a D-Link router, internet cords, USB plug ins, an LG laptop cord, printer cords, and other misc cords, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645c

Tray Lot of Apple Accessories

includes a key board, mouse, laptop cord, and misc attachment, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645d

Apple TV

comes with remote and power cord, in working condition

Lot #: 645e

Apple TV

comes with remote, power cord, and HDMI cord, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645f

Sony Dual RW Drive

comes with power cord, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 645g

JVC Headphones

looks to be in new condition, not tested – selling “AS IS”

Lot #: 646

Picture Frames and Plate Holder

Lot #: 647

Hamilton The Revolution Book

1 book

Lot #: 648

The Art of Movement Book

1 book

Lot #: 649

Stredisand and The Movie Book

includes 2 books total: Streisand In the Camera Eye by James Spada and The Movie Book by Phaidon

Lot #: 650

Worldly Books

3 books total. Includes: Through the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs, Wonders of the World, Egypt Colour by Thomas and Hudson

Lot #: 651

Song/ Piano Music Books and Sheet Music

Lot #: 652

Victorian Chest of Drawers

Cherry 4 drawer chest with carved ‘moustache’ pulls, ‘cut’ corners with turned decoration (39 x 17.5 x 32 “H) circa 1870

Lot #: 653

Butcher-Block Topped Table

Oak topped table with maple base (42″L x 20.5″W x 29.5″H)

Lot #: 654

Hekman Bombe Three Drawer Chest

Contemporary Hekman oak 3 drawer chest in 18th C.”Dutch” style (finished pn back)(30″ x 17″ x 25″H)

Lot #: 655

‘QueenAnne’ Style Console Table

Contemporary limed oak with quartered top. (52″x 18″ x 28″H) (top water-stained)

Lot #: 656

Pair of Maple IKEA Kitchen Cupboards

glass fronted, hinged (vertical) kitchen cupboards (each: 47″ x 15″ x 24″H)

Lot #: 657

Walnut Drop-Leaf Table

with pull supports, pegged construction (c. 1860) (48″L x 25″W (47.5″open) x 28″H)

Lot #: 658

‘Rattan’ Style End Table

Contemporary, with glass top (20″W x 28″D x 22″H)

Lot #: 659

‘Rattan’ Style Coffee Table

Contemporary, with glass top (49″ L x 24″ W x 17″H)

Lot #: 660

‘Rattan’ Style Sofa

Contemporary, three seat sofa with B/W cotton chintz cushions (79″L x 33″D x 33″H)

Lot #: 661

Vintage Bamboo Wall Shelf & Stand

Vintage 2 tier ‘bamboo’ wall shelf (24″L x 24″H x 7″D); with 5 tier stand (9″ x 8″ x 32″H)

Lot #: 662

Lane Cedar Chest

‘Deco’ era; now in white painted finish (46″ x 18″ x 22.5″H)

Lot #: 663

‘Rattan’ Style Love Seat

Contemporary, with B/W chintz cushions (58″L x 33″D x 33″H)

Lot #: 664

‘Rattan’ Style Chair & Ottoman

Contemporary, with B/W chintz cushions (Chair38″W x 33″x33″H; ottoman 26″Wx18″D x16.5″H)

Lot #: 665

‘Rattan’ Style Etagere

Contemporary, with 3 shelves (glass) (34″L x 17″D x 70.5″H)

Lot #: 666

‘Biedermeier’ Executive Desk

Large executive desk in contemporary ‘Biedermeier’ style; cherry with ebony detailing; curved back; drop front drawer; (66″L x 36″D x 31″H)

Lot #: 667

Arm & Side Chairs

Chairs in walnut with mahogany veneer slats & back (Canadian c. 1850) (Arm 23″W x 36″H)

Lot #: 668

Pair of Oak Side Chairs

English circa 1890 (17″W x 36″ H)

Lot #: 669

Regency Chair and Empire Style Side Chair

Mahogany Regency arm chair with turned legs and carved splat, (repairs); with mahogany ‘Empire’ style side chair, circa 1910 (Arm chair- 21″ W x 33″H)

Lot #: 670

Vintage Wing Back Chair & Victorian Footstool

with down seat cushion; and ‘Victorian’ walnut footstool with cabriole legs (Chair: 35W x 32D x +41″H ; footstool 18.5″ sq. x 13.5″H)

Lot #: 671

Metal/ Glass Desk

Contemporary desk and stool with keyboard slide and ‘Sharp’ monitor

Lot #: 672

Large Round Wicker Hamper with Lid

(early 20th) (20″ Dia. X 27″H)

Lot #: 673

Walnut Drop-Leaf Table

with ‘swivel’ supports; turned legs, circa 1870 (hinges re-placed) (42’L x 22″W x 29″H)

Lot #: 674

Vintage Stars & Stripes (American) Flag

(48 stars) stitched cotton (44″ x 88″)

Lot #: 675

Vintage ‘Union Jack’ (Great Britain) Flag

stitched canvas (42″ x 87″)

Lot #: 676

Vintage ‘Union Jack’ (Great Britain) Flag

stitched canvas (42″ x 87″) some tears

Lot #: 677

Royal Standard of Prince Edward in Canada Flag

printed polyester, 36″ x 70″

Lot #: 678

Royal Standard of King Edward III Flag

printed polyester, 35″ x 60″

Lot #: 679

Royal Standard of Prince Andrew in Canada Flag

printed polyester, 35″ x 70″

Lot #: 680

Royal Standard of King Edward III Flag

printed polyester, 35″ x 60″

Lot #: 681

Royal Standard in Scotland Flag

printed polyester, 35″ x 68″

Lot #: 681a

Flags & Pennants

Includes 32″x45″ printed cotton Union Jack; Pennants from Royal Canadian Yacht Club (1983 Gov. Generals; Open Regatta; & Prince of Wales races; 1984 Open Regatta & Prince of Wales Trophy. and Gov. Generals Race 1989 & 1990; together with 5 hand held Canadian Ensign flags and Union Jack napkin.

Lot #: 681b

Kawasaki Pro Series Guitar

made in China, Contemporary

Lot #: 682

‘Massey Harris’ Sign


Lot #: 684

Double Bed Frame

Lot #: 685

‘Sleigh’ Queen Size Bed

Contemporary, in dark Mahogany finish with side rails, box spring and mattress.

Lot #: 686

Arched Slat Back Queen Size Bed

Contemporary, in mahogany with side rails, box spring & mattress

Lot #: 687

Wrought Iron Double Size Bed

Contemporary Wrought iron double sized head-board with ‘hollywood frame’ box-spring & mattress

Lot #: 688

Fish Tank

Lot #: 689


Lot #: 690

Art Nouveau Fireplace& Over Mantle Mirror

Mahogany fireplace surround with side cabinets; fireplace with marble insets; with triple over mantle trumeau mirror with painting by Bouchet 1913, with “Art Nouveau’ carved floral decoration (purchased through Jonny’s Antiques)

Lot #: 691

Set of 6 Contemporary Dining Chairs

pine ladder-back style dining chairs (some loose) (17″W x41″H)

Lot #: 692

Wicker Rocker

(painted black) metal strap seat (missing cushion) (27″ W x 31″H) early 20th c. (split in wicker at top )

Lot #: 693

Wicker Settee

(painted black) now with plywood seat (no cushion) (early 20th C. (46″ L x 31″H)

Lot #: 694

Vintage Hexagonal Coffee Table

with lower cane shelf; ( 34″ W x 17″H)

Lot #: 695

Wicker Chair

(painted black) with metal strap seat (no cushion) (27.5″W x 30″H)

Lot #: 696

Wicker Chair

(painted black) ; with metal strap seat & cushion; (early 20th c.) 27″W x 33″H)

Lot #: 697

Brass Floor Lamp

with height adjustable lamp (vintage) (53.5″H)

Lot #: 698

Brass Floor Lamp

with swing top, (vintage) (48″H) distressed.

Lot #: 699

Chrome Floor Lamp

with adjustable fixture, (vintage) (52″H)

Lot #: 700

Vintage Brass Floor Lamp

with molded base and tri light fixture (48″H)

Lot #: 701

Tray Lot of Cameras

includes 3 cameras; a Samsung Panorama slim zoom 1150, a pentax

Lot #: 702

Voigtlander VF 101 Camera

comes with Black’s C-35 flash and manual

Lot #: 703

Pentax Asahi Spotmatic Camera

comes with flash, 2 lenses, manual and case

Lot #: 704

Anscoflex Camera

comes with carrying box and lamps for the flash

Lot #: 705

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera and Instax Printer

Lot #: 706

Assortment of Books

12 books in total

Lot #: 710

Connoisseur Autumn Collection Catalog

Lot #: 721

Books on Travel

“France Observed” “Paris Observed” “Gardens and Parks at Hampton Court” “London” “Passage to Vietnam” “In Italy”

Lot #: 722

10 Volume set of “The Diary of Samuel Pepys”

Published by George Bell and Sons 1899

Lot #: 723

City of Toronto History Books

Trillium and Toronto Island, Toronto Between the Wars, Yesterday’s Toronto, Spadina, Vanishing Canada, Jarvis Street, St. Lawrence Hall

Lot #: 724

Collection of Dictionaries and others

Oxford English Dictionary, The Synonym Finder, The Random House Dictionary

Lot #: 725

4 Volume Set Macaulay’s History of England

2 Volumes published by Harpers New York 1856; 2 Volumes published by Harper’s New York 1849

Lot #: 726

Large Collection of Vintage Books

Pilgrim’s Progress, Les Miserables, Browning’s Poetical Works, John Keats, Adam’s Roman Antiquities (1849), Herbert’s Poems and others

Lot #: 727

Cook Books

Julia Child, Modern French Culinary Art, Gourmet Menu, the Art of French Cooking, Larousse Gastronomique, Cuisinne Naturelle

Lot #: 728

Cook Books

Creme de La Creme, Waldorf Astoria Cookbook, Harrod’s Book of Entertaining, Julia Child, New York Times, and others

Lot #: 729

Books on Etiquette

Tiffany’s Table Manners, Elements of Etiquette, Much Depends on Dinner, The Rituals of Dinner, Tiffany’s Table Settings

Lot #: 730

Books on Wine and Spirits

Champagne is for Breakfast, The Cigar Companion, Cognac, The Great Book of Wine, Lichine’s Encyclopedia of Wines and Spirits

Lot #: 731

Books on London, Ontario

Broughdale, Brackets and Bargeboards, The Historic Heart of London, Going to Town, Illustrated London, Downtown London, London From Site to City, London Heritage, Old Ontario Homes

Lot #: 732

Books on British Royalty

Victoria and Albert, Prince of Wales Watercolours, London’s Pageantry, Fox Hunting, A Peerage for Trade, By Appointment, Royal Heritage, Royal Occasions

Lot #: 733

Decorating and Architecture

Victorian Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright,, Charleston Interiors, Flea Market Decorating, Architectural Digest Celebrity Homes, Provence Interiors, Old Toronto Houses

Lot #: 734

Books on Photography

Photographing Buildings Inside and Out, Joy of Photography, National Geographic The Photographs, and Others

Lot #: 735

Books on Photography

Photographs for the Tsar, Creative Photography, Practical Photography, Diana the Portrait, Photographs HRH the Prince Andrew

Lot #: 736

3 Volume Set of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Washington Square Press, 1966

Lot #: 737

2 Volume set of Pierre Berton’s The Great Railway

The Last Spike, The National Dream

Lot #: 738

4 Volume Set The Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia

Lot #: 739

4 Volume Set of Philosophy in the 20 Century

Lot #: 740

Assorted Collection of CD Music

Mostly Classical, Jazz and Christmas CDs’

Lot #: 741

35 Volume Set of Charles Dickens Works

Charles Scribner and Sons; 1905

Lot #: 742

Books on Toronto

The Square Mile; Aristocratic Toronto, Toronto in 1810, The Way We Were, The Old Stones of Kingston, The Estates of Old Toronto,Rosedale

Lot #: 743

Books on Canada

Whistler, Historic Houses of Canada, Old Ontario Homes, Rideau Hall, Historic Edmonton, Rural Ontario, Trans Canada Trail, Eternal Rockies

Lot #: 744

Books on Religion

Holy Bible, Life of Christ, The Jesus Dynasty, The Crucible of Christianity, The Shroud of Turin and others

Lot #: 745

Books on Religion

Holy Bible, The Jerusalem Bible, The Torah, and others

Lot #: 746

Assorted DVD and Blue Ray Movies

Downton Abbey, Oliver Twist, Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, Frost Nixon, and others

Lot #: 747

Assorted CDs

Mostly Broadway show tunes, classical and instrumental music

Lot #: 748

Biographical Reference Books

Who Lived Where, Where are They Buried?, Old Canadian Cemetaries

Lot #: 749

Books on the Muskoka’s

Canoescapes, Boatbuilders of Muskoka, Muskoka’s Grand Hotels, Old Muskoka, Wooden Boats, and others

Lot #: 750

Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci Art Books

2 books

Lot #: 751

2 Art Books

The Age of the Renaissance and Splendors of Christendom

Lot #: 752

Books on Civilization

Tutankhamen, The Dawn of European Civilization, Birth of Western Civilization,Art of Ancient Egypt, Life in the Middle Ages

Lot #: 753

Books on Erotica

The Body, Love and Desire, The Male Nude, Erotica Universalis, 1000 Nudes, Any Objections?

Lot #: 754

Books on Brantford

Images of a City: Brantford, Grand River Reflections, The Grand River, Brantford,SignPosts, A Particular Condtion in Life, and others

Lot #: 755

Collection of Art Books

Treasures from the Fitzwilliam, Paintings and Sculptures at Hatfield House, On Reflection, Treasures from the Hermitage

Lot #: 756

Reference and History Books on Music

Oxford Companion of Music, Partita for Glenn Gould, Who Killed Classical Music?, Tchaikovsky Karen Kain, Enclyopedia of Music in Canada, The Symphony Orchestra and its Instruments

Lot #: 757

Reference Books on Music

Opera Libretto Library, The Royal Opera House, Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, Britannica Book of Music, New York Philharmonic Guide to the Symphony, Dancing Through Time

Lot #: 758

Books on Canadian Art and Artists

Ken Danby: The New Decade, The Art of Robert Bateman, The Canadian Art Club, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, By a Lady, Painting in Canada a History

Lot #: 759

Books on Photography

Karsh: Portraits of Greatness, People: Roloff Beny, The World of William Notman, Notorious: Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon: Evidence 1944-1994, Alfred Stieglitz

Lot #: 760

Assorted Art Books

Come Look with Me – Enjoying Art With Children, The Lady in Gold, J.M.W Turner, Arts and Ideas, and others

Lot #: 761

Books on England

This England, Althorp, Burghley, Cambridge, Elizabethan World, Royal Heritage, London, the Eighteenth Century

Lot #: 762

Books on Shakespeare

Shakespeare in Art, Anonymous William Shakespeare Revealed, The Complete Works, The True Face of Shakespeare, William Shakespeare A Documentary Life.

Lot #: 763

Collection of Art Books

The Renaissance in Italy, Picture History of Painting, Treasures of the Vatican, Clarence Gagnon, Splendours of Flanders, Elizabethan and Jacobean Style, Art Treasures of the Louvre, Stained Glass

Lot #: 764

Collection of American Furniture and Art Books

Williamsburg, Winterthur Illustrated, Courts and Colonies, The American Wing, Three Hundred Years of American Painting, and others

Lot #: 765

Collection of Victoriana Books

Victorian Pictures, The Making of Victorian Values, The Victorians, The Encylcopedia of Victoriana

Lot #: 766

Collection of English Art Books

The Art of Beatrix Potter, Sir Hans Sloane, Royal Academy of Arts, Treasures of Chatsworth, Chatsworth the House

Lot #: 767

Collection of English Art and Architecture

The English Country House, Garden of Dreams, The Garden at Highgrove, Regency Redux, Views of Henley on Thames and others

Lot #: 768

Collection of Antique Books

Practical Book of Antique Rugs, The Book of Canadian Antiques, The Gem Kingdom, Christies International Motor Cars, and others

Lot #: 769

Collection of Antique Books

Antiques Road Show Primer, Complete Encyclopedia of Antiques, Victorian Catalogue of Household Goods, Tiffany’s 150 Years and others

Lot #: 770

Books on Hotels and Resorts

Hotel as Home, No Ordinary Hotel, Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies, The Plaza, Grand Hotels of North America

Lot #: 771

Collection of Robert Maplethorpe Books

Maplethorpe a Biography, Some Women, Alters

Lot #: 772

Collection of Downton Abbey Books

Also Maggie Smith Biography and Yes Prime Minister Diary

Lot #: 773

Wooden Model Kit of Shakespeare Stage

Selling as found; Mahogany and cedar model of the Shakespeare Thrust Stage

Lot #: 774

Collection of Canadian Biographies

The Eatons, The Molsons, The Canadian Establishment, Commissions High, Empire of the Bay, and others

Lot #: 781

Edward Payne Books

Lot #: 789

William IV Mahogany Card Table

on pedestal base with ebony stringing (base lined interior) circa 1835

Lot #: 790

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Nursing Rocker

with floral detailing; cane seat & back; circa 1875

Lot #: 791

Pair of Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Cane Seated Chairs

with floral detailing; cane seats ; circa 1875

Lot #: 792

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Towel Rack

Originally in faux Rosewood as is other pieces of set (worn)

Lot #: 793

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Parlor Table

with floral medallions and gilt stringing; white marble top; circa 1875

Lot #: 794

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Bed Side Cupboard

with floral medallions and gilt stringing; white marble top;drawer above cupboard; circa 1875

Lot #: 795

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Washstand

with floral medallions and gilt stringing; white marble top drawer above 2 door cupboard; circa 1875

Lot #: 796

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Four Drawer Chest

with floral medallions and gilt stringing; white marble top, 4 drawers; circa 1875

Lot #: 797

Faux ‘Rosewood’ Finish Double Bed

with floral medallions and gilt stringing, molded head & foot board; circa 1875

Lot #: 800

Double Crust Apple Pie

Recipe from “The Food that Really Schmecks, Mennonite Country Cooking”, by Edna Staebler Proceeds to the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation – COMMIT (Canadian Outreach Medical and Mission Team)

Photo Gallery

Greek Ceramic  Doric  Column Cast Brass Bulldog Door Stop  Gold  Ceramic Cat Monkey Stand Binoculars   Opera Glasses Servant  Summons  Box london and london Investments Marker Stones Brass Urn English Silver Plate Wine Bucket Cookie Barrel and Inhaler Framed 1904 British Mortgage loan Co  Apr Calendar Framed  George levett  Cigar Box Cover Rowland   Marsellus Breakfast Coffee Cup Ceramic  Herb  Jars Pepsi Cola Carrier  Downton Abbey   Call Bell Brantford Stoneware Open Crock Open Crock 1893 Brantford Municipal Railway Souvenir Cast Coffee Mill 2 Victorian Cast Food Slicers Carved Wood Cockerel Ornament Vintage Carved  Tug Boat Carved Sitting Dog and Camel Brass Carriage light Pale Green  Beaver  Jar Pale Green  Beaver  Jar Clear Glass Oil lamp Clear Glass Oil lamp  Greek Key  Oil lamp Green Glass Oil lamp Clear Glass Oil lamp Seth Thomas Alarm Clock Globe Stereopticon Viewer  Bacchus  Cast Metal Wall Plaque Napoleon Portrait and Bust Souvenirs 4 london Souvenir Denby Mugs Wedgwood Jasperware Pitcher EAPG Frosted lion Compote EAPG  Classic  Sugar Bowl EAPG  Classic  Water Pitcher Planters Peanut Jar Cast Iron Flat Iron   Trivet Mortar  Pestle and Vase Brassware Vintage Nautical Theme Brassware Brass Padlock and Key Brass Desk Pieces Vintage Brass Shaving Set Tasco Brass Telescope Vintage Miniature Cannon Miniature Brassware Indian brassware etc Copper Saucepan  Planter and Ashtray Brassware Pair of Cast Brass Bookends Wall Signs and Scale Copper Saucepans etc Photo H R H  Prince Andrew Framed Royal Portraits Framed Commemorative Royal Warrant Holders Plate 5 Royal Coat of Arms Wall Plaques Crown Wall Plaque Royal Coat of Arms Wall Plaque Framed Stitched Needlework Royal Arms Framed Royal Coat of Arms Carved VRI Wall Plaque Cast Brass Royal Coat of Arms Fireplace Chenet Brass Royal Coat of Arms large Ceramic Vase Chatsworth  lion Royal Coat of Arms Wall Plaque WWII  Keep Calm   Carry On  Wall Plaque 2 Crown Decorative Pieces Royal Arms in Shield George V   Queen Mary Framed Photo  There ll Always be an England  Needlework Picture Royalty Books Coalport  India Tree  Tea Set 2 Violins Dessert Service  pt 7 Cups and Saucers 5 Aynsley   1 Grosvenor Cups and Saucers 4 Royal Albert Cups and Saucers 4 Royal Albert  Silver Birch  Cups   Saucers Part Foley China Tea Set Desk Globe   Barometer Carved Head Terracotta Sculpture Canadiana Furniture Books 2 Noritake Handpainted Cakeplates China 3 contemporary glass servers Misc  china 6 Cups and Saucers J G Meakin Creamware Dinner Service 6 Cups and Saucers CNE Souvenir C S   5 others Queen Anne  Fair  Dinner Service Royal Doulton  Sonnet  Dinner Service Johnson Bros Old English  Dinner Ware Johnson Bros   Old English  Serving Pieces Royal Albert  Silver Maple  Dinnerware Royal Albert  Silver Birch  Chinaware Framed Souvenir Plates Flatware and Birk s  King s Pattern Carving Set Crystal Wine Glasses  Serving Dish and Vase Misc  Silver Plate Flatware Misc  Silver Plate Flatware Brass Candlesticks and Plate Antique Books Staffordshire  West Point  Platter Candlesticks Victorian Mirror and Silhouette  Art  Books Books Pink Depression Glass 10  Gold  Under Plates 4 Coalport Demi Tasse Coffee Cups Portuguese  Cabbage leaf  Pattern Servers Portuguese  leaf  Serving Pieces Portuguese  leaf  Serving Pieces Chaise louge Set of 4 louis XVI Style Arm Chairs Vanity  low Back Cane Seated Chair Oak Side Chair Oak Rocking Chair Oak Swivel Office Chair Pair of  Captains  Chairs  Empire  Revival Style Arm Chair Mahogany Regency Style Sofa Oak Settee   Bench Oak Arm Chair Pine Church  Chair  in  Pew  Form Pine Church  Chair  in  Pew  Form Cement  Grecian  Garden Urn Cement  Grecian  Garden Urn Cement  Grecian  Garden Urn Oak Portable Confessional Vintage  Gothic  Screen Contemporary Sundial on Stand Galvanized Boiler and lid Vintage Folding Magazine Rack Marble Top Stand Miniature Cedar Chest Walnut Footstool Bombay Company Pedestal Nest of Tables Pedestal Contemporary Wood and Wire Bird Cage Cast Iron Candle Stands Mahogany Tilt top Table Mahogany Finish Hardwood Parlour Table Oak Parlour Table Ebonized Vintage Pedestal Pair of Oak Topped Pine Pedestals Pedestal Fireside Bench Photogravure Portrait Poster   Kings and Queens of England Vanity Fair  Spy  Print His Majesty the Baby by Arthur Drummond Print Oil on board Victorian chromolithograph Pastel  River scene W F Griffiths oil Emile  Butch  lussier  oil DaVinci print Print  Bird s Eye View of Stratford Mason s certificate S  Deaville print Royal Coat of Arms Watercolour Pencil Drawing  by Kollwitz Prints of Henry VIII   Elizabeth I Print by David Antschell  IJ Roy Rogers print Monet print Engraving of Sir James Burrow Print   Vase of Poppies Reproduction framed Regimental Flag Print by l  Calvert Print by l  Calvert Pastel  River scene George Horne prints A Y Jackson prints Blake Debassige  Ojibway  print Goodwin print Framed mirror Oil on canvas Oil on board Chromolithograph Photographic print Print by l  Calvert Hunting scene 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baskets Bombay Co  CD box Picnic hamper Panama hat Straw  Boater  hat Straw  Boater  hat Straw  Boater  hat Straw  Boater  hat Straw hats Henley regatta shield Cupid  wall plaque Royal invitations etc lamps Souvenir  Frank lloyd Wright  etc Model plane etc labatt box Binoculars Chandelier Chandelier Mirror 3 panel screen China cabinet Bookcases Marble topped washstand low bookcases Mahogany desk Bombay Co  Serving cart Oak chest of drawers Mahogany dining table Pine open cupboard Washstand Pine topped table Open Davenport desk Hespelar Furniture Chest of drawers Pair bookcases Cherry chest of drawers Decorator lamp Decorator lamp Vintage lamp  Finger painted crock  lamp Brass lamp Bookcase Bookcase Pair decorator lamps High chair    wicker bassenet Wine table Butlers tray on stand Bookrack table Pine washstand Side table Butlers tray cart Wine rack Butlers tray on stand Mid Century pine table Floral decorated stand Brief  Suitcases Sachel type suitcase Wicker hamper Pine work box Canes  umbrellas etc in stand Cooler lawnbowling balls in suitcase Book stand Penny farthing bicycle scupture Print  The Alchemist s Experiment takes Fire Photograph   Wynarden  Brantford Print  of Vienna Framed poster Framed print Print Prints Seward print lena lih print Edwardian print Floral print The Princes in the Tower Alberta Hansard J D Sterne print   The Red Door Framed military badges Spy prints The King Edward 85th Anniversary print Painting of Musician in Shakespearean time Print  le chimiste  Metsu Print in Victorian frame Print of Books Print Print Re print of maps Mercantor box Framed print Print  Dressing gown Portrait print Print Slag glass hanging fixture 20 s electrical fixture WW II model planes Airplane models Car  models Board game  Military etc Meccano Army Multikit View Master   Kenner projector Tonka  Fire Dept  Set  830 Corgi 651 Air France Concorde Dinky toy  Fire Chief s Car 195 Matchbox K 5  King Size Racing Car Transporter Dinky Toy  Ferrari 312 B12 Racing car 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Figurine Doulton figurine  lily  Royal Doulton Figurine  Janet  Royal Doulton Figurine  Tom Sawyer  Royal Doulton Figurine  Cissie  Royal Doulton Figurine  Valerie  Royal Doulton Figurine  Bunny  Royal Doulton Figurine  The Cup of Tea  Signed Royal Doulton Figurine  The Rag Doll  Royal Doulton Figurine  The Rag Doll Seller  Royal Doulton Figurine  Monica  Royal Doulton Figurine  Sweet Dreams  Royal Doulton Figurine MacIntyre  Moorcroft Vase MacIntyre  Moorcroft Vase Royal Crown Derby Paperweight Figure Royal Crown Derby China Royal Crown Derby  Olde Avesbury  Cake Plate Royal Crown Derby  Red Aves  Demitasse Ansley  Imari  demi tasse Demi tasse Art glass perfume  Omar Khayyam  Royal Doulton Figurine  The Potter  Royal Doulton Figurine  Sweet Dreams  Royal Doulton Figurine  The Jester  Royal Doulton Figurine  Teatime  Royal Doulton Figurine  Biddy Penny Farthing  Royal Doulton Figurine The Old Balloon Seller  Royal Douton Figureigurine  lady Betty  Royal Doulton Figurine  The Balloon Man  Royal Doulton Figurine  Falstaff  Royal Doulton Figurine  The Old Balloon Seller  Royal Doulton Figurine 2 Hummell Figurines Pendelfin figurines Pendelfin figurines Pendelfin figurines Pendelfin figurines Pendelfin figurines Chinese  Mud  figurine Pair of lladro  Dove  Figurines  Swan  lladro Figure Pair of Gorham Salad Servers and Slice Pair of English Oval Entree Dishes Soup ladles etc Individual tea service Tea service and tray Roger Bros Silver Plate Ice Bucket Silverplate serving pieces Silverplate tray etc Silverplate servers Silver Plate Pitcher and manyaisse Servers Nippon Cocoa Set Cut Crystal Decanters Brass Seals Press Cut Vase   Bowls Royalty Glass Items Vintage Sterling Candlesticks  Globe Wernicke Co  Bill File Ray Ban Sunglasses Tiffany and Co  Sterling Shoe Horn Pair of Birk s Sterling Brushes Silver Plate Porringer   Tongs Desk Clock Sterling Picture Frame Sterling Child s Mug Pair of Cufflinks and Tie Pins Napkin Rings Sterling Spoons and Forks Mercury Goblet and 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