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collector easter sale #1

Don Corneil Auction Services

7 April, 2021 12:00 am

Selling the Contents of a Peterborough Home Plus Others – sterling flatware (Georg Jensen, Danish mid century Danish 72 pc set of “Lotus” .830 silver flatware by W&S Sorensen)- 1955 Canadian porcelain 48″ Coca-Cola button -Avro wooden propeller-Waterbury Grandfather clock (formerly from the home of Foster Hewitt)-Lady Rolex watches-oil paintings (Darwitz, Newton, Jones, Gagnon, etc) -ornate curio cabinet-Aladdin Oil Lamps (including Rare red Aladdin Beehive oil lamp) -Gibbard corner china cabinet-Area Rugs-Rosewood games table-clocks (Gustav Becker, Bruchon French)-Marantz Receiver-qty of jewelry(including sterling silver, gold, Tiffany bracelet)-coins-oak roll top desk-vintage typewriters-wardrobes-dish sets (Royal Crown Derby, Royal Albert, etc)-country couch-cranberry glass- Mid-Century Scandinavian sterling, glass and enamel items by Knud V.Andersen, Holmegaard, Georg Jensen, Volmer Bahner (Denmark), Catherineholm, J. Torstrup, Aksel, Holmsen (Norway), Orrefors (Sweden)-WWI Holland Gouda plates-Canadian Pacific Railway ceramicware- railroad ephemera-Lausitzer lead crystal-1950s-1960s NHL memorabilia-CFL collectibles-1930s,1940s portable typewriters-Marantz 2235B stereo receiver-quantity of lp vinyl records-Braemore chesterfield and chair- Circa 1911 Parker Lucky Curve Duofold pen store advertising-Bruchon French Clock -Buggy Whip Gadget Cane-Coronet Midget Camera-Teak Nesting Tables-National Cap Gun-GTR Lantern-Native American items-Dinky Toys-Lead Toy Soldiers -Military Items-Pocket Watches, Chains and Fobs-Postcards-Airline Flexible Flyer Sled-Advertising Items-Harvest table-Apothecary Jars-oak library table-Mamod 2 Piston Steam Engine-Hummel, Royal Doulton & Beswick Figurines-mahogany bar cabinet-Mandel Gramaphone

Lot #: 1

C1890 E Bruchon Signed French Clock La Navagation

clock & matching pair of garnitures measure approximately 26″ high. Nautical theme, woman holding the North Star in front of a large figural anchor.

Lot #: 2

19th C Springfield Ohio Buggy Whip Gadget Cane

“The Patent Canewhip Co. Springfield Ohio” The top of the cane is removable, revealing the whip portion, which attaches to the cane much like a fishing rod.

Lot #: 3

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Charm Bracelet w Original Bag

Wear five of Peretti’s most beloved icons at once. Charm bracelet in sterling silver, with Bean Design, Eternal Circle, Starfish, Teardrop and Open Heart. 7.25″ long. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti. Currently available from Tiffanys for 1300.00.

Lot #: 4

Vintage English Mamod Two Piston Steam Engine

Lot #: 5

Civil War Era Squeeze Box

Excellent original condition in all respects

Lot #: 6

Set of 6 C1920 Drugstore Apothecary Jars

measure 7 1/4″ high 2 chipped inside lid edge

Lot #: 7

C1920 Art Deco Signed Figural Nude Woman w Snake L

Signed © S. Lore? see photo, green patination, figure may be Eve with the snake, she is standing on foilage covered ground.

Lot #: 8

C 1900 Sterling Silver Leather Cased Travelling De

Green leather case with green velvet interior housed watch / clock, stand in rear flips out. Sterling silver exterior case with touch marks JTH over JHM and date mark i lion and leopard.

Lot #: 9

Rare C1930 Baseball Player Stick Pin

Lot #: 10

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Acorn Luncheon Flatwa

7 forks; 6 knives; 6 teaspoons; 5 coffee spoons; 5 soup spoons; 2 tablespoons; sauce spoon; serving spoon; large fish fork; cheese knife. All pieces are solid sterling, with the exception of the blade on the cheese knife (stainless).

Lot #: 11

Vintage Bakelite Coronette Midget Camera

Lot #: 12

AirLine Flexible Flyer Junior Sled

excellent original condition in all respects

Lot #: 13

Vintage Castoral Oil Can Display Rack

Lot #: 14

Vintage Set of 3 Teak Nesting Tables

Lot #: 15

Rare Vintage National Cap Gun

Lot #: 16

Delco – Light Battery Wooden Box / Crate

Lot #: 17

Delco – Light Battery Wooden Box / Crate

Lot #: 18

18th C Wood Carving Figure / Priest

Lot #: 19

Vintage Pair of Pepsi Cola Advertising Cufflinks

Lot #: 20

Rare C1930 Yellow Moonstone Vertique Aladdin Lamp

Lot #: 21

C1930 Nautical Ships Wheel Compass Paper Weight

Lot #: 22

Vintage CPR Red Globe Railroad Lantern w Wood


Lot #: 23

Vintage Grand Trunk Railroad Lantern GTR Embossed

on Glass

Lot #: 24

Vintage Red Globe Railroad Lantern Warsaw NY USA

Lot #: 25



Lot #: 26

Rare Antique Colt Revolver Gun Pipe

Lot #: 27

Vintage Bakelite Manhattan French Briar Pipe w

Sterling Band

Lot #: 28

Vintage Burl Bowl Pipe with Sterling Band

Lot #: 29

VIntage Figural Wooden Smoking Pipe Steer Bowl

small crack where stem is attached (see photo) as found

Lot #: 30

Goss City of London Match Holder with Sterling


Lot #: 31

Vintage Dunhill Gold Plated Lighter

Lot #: 32

Vintage Dunhill Cased Silver Lighter

Lot #: 33

19th C Whale Smoking Tobacco Cotton Pouch

Great Paper Litho Label

Lot #: 34

Vintage Inuit Ulu

Lot #: 35

MIniature Vintage Inuit Mukluks

Lot #: 36

Vintage Inuit Bone Handled Knife

found with previous lot (mukluks)

Lot #: 37

Inuit Sewing Piercing Tool

Lot #: 38

Vintage Whale Bone Carved Caribou Head

Lot #: 39

C1900 Iroquois Hanging Beaded Bird Whimsy

Lot #: 40

C1950 Birch Bark Hanging Container

meant to hang on the wall

Lot #: 41

C1920 Miniature Native American Basket

green accents and underside

Lot #: 42

Sterling Silver Southwest Turquoise Youth Bangle

Youth Native Cuff Bangle C1940 unique rope twist accents and beautifully beaded cabochon

Lot #: 43

C1940 Sterling Silver Turquoise Southwest Drop


Lot #: 44

C1960 Sterling Silver Turquoise Southwest Drop


Lot #: 45

C1940 Sterling Silver Turquoise Navajo Cuff


Lot #: 46

Vintage Navajo Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Lot #: 47

Sterling Silver Box Chain w Graduated Cat’s Eye

Cabochons Pendant

Lot #: 48

Beautiful Abalone Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

pretty floral sterling silver decoration where pendant is attached to chain

Lot #: 49

C1960 Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Lot #: 50

Pair of Sterling Silver Modernist Hand Hammered


Lot #: 51

Large Sterling Silver and Abalone Drop Earrings

Lot #: 52

Sterling Silver and Abalone Howling Wolf Ring

Lot #: 53

Victorian Figa Fist Charm or Pendant with Sterling

Silver Bracelet viewed by some as an obscene gesture dating back to Ancient Roman times

Lot #: 54

Elaborate Sterling Silver Earrings with Black


Lot #: 55

Sterling Silver Double Scottish Thistle Brooch

w Amber and Amethyst Coloured Gems

Lot #: 56

Sterling Silver Earrings

Lot #: 57

Antique Signed Forstner Sterling Silver Chased

Hinged Bangle gently lift one side up or down to an offset position to open as there is a clasp mechanism inside

Lot #: 58

Sterling Silver Ancient Romanesque Open Braided


Lot #: 59

Sterling Silver Finely Detailed Floral Screwback

Drop Earrings

Lot #: 60

Lot – Vintage Toronto Laundry Advertising Blotter

Willowdale Laundry Toronto & Peat’s Cleaners Toronto

Lot #: 61

Vintage Coca Cola Advertising Blotter

Lot #: 62

Lot of 2 Vintage Tradesmen Advertising Blotters

Canadian Lumbermen’s Association Ottawa & Precision Toolworks Toronto

Lot #: 63

Vintage 1958 Pinup Girl January Calendar

Advertising Blotter Townshend & Kent Limited Toronto

Lot #: 64

Vintage Bobcaygeon Fire and Marine Insurance Co.

Blotter St. Paul , Minnnesota ; J Lithgow Agent

Lot #: 65

Lot of 2 Mutual Life of Canada Blotters with

Great Graphics

Lot #: 66

Vintage Scottish Canadian Assurance Corporation

Blotters Agent Bill Howden CLU Caledonia

Lot #: 67

Lot of 2 Advertising Blotters with Great Graphics

Selling Blotters

Lot #: 68

Vintage Black Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen

Lot #: 69

Vintage Eagle Prince Fountain Pen

Lot #: 70

Vintage Black Parker Fountain Pen with Gold

Filled Cap

Lot #: 71

Vintage Esterbrook Copper Fountain Pen

Lot #: 72

Friar Tuck Hummel Bank with early Bee Mark

measures 4 1/2″ high

Lot #: 73

Vintage 4 3/8″ West Germany Hummel Goebel “School

Boy” Figure measures 4 3/8″ high

Lot #: 74

Vintage 4 1/4″ W Germany Hummel Goebel “Apple Tree

Boy” Figure measures 4 1/4″ high

Lot #: 75

Vintage 4″ West Germany Hummel Goebel “Little

Hiker” Figure measures 4″ high

Lot #: 76

Vintage West Germany Hummel Goebel “Auf Wiedershen

figure measures 5 3/4″ high

Lot #: 77

Vintage 4″ West Germany Hummel Goebel “Chimney

Sweep” Figure measures 4″ high

Lot #: 78

Vintage West Germany Hummel Goebel “Boy with

Accordion” Figure measures 3″ high

Lot #: 79

Vintage West Germany Hummel Goebel “Singing Lesson

measures 3 1/4″ high

Lot #: 80

Vintage 4″ West Germany Hummel Goebel “Goose Girl”

measures 4″ high

Lot #: 81

Vintage 5 3/4″ W Germany Hummel Goebel “Brother”

measures 5 3/4″ high

Lot #: 82

Sterling Silver Mexican Drop Earrings with


Lot #: 83

1960s Sterling Silver Mexican Screwback Earrings

Lot #: 84

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Orchid or

Mauve Cabochons

Lot #: 85

Pair of Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Open Hoop


Lot #: 86

Pair of Sterling Silver Heavy Hand Hammered Open

Hoop Earrings

Lot #: 87

Pair of Sterling Silver and Abalone Earrings

Lot #: 88

Pair of Tiered Modernist Sterling Silver Hoop


Lot #: 89

Pair of Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Lot #: 90

Pair of Large Sterling Silver Ball Drop Earrings

Lot #: 91

Pair of Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings w Dark Blue

Faceted Stones

Lot #: 92

Pair of Large Sterling Silver Greek Key Hoop


Lot #: 93

Pair of Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Earrings

Lot #: 94

Pair of Long Sterling Silver Ball Drop Earrings

Lot #: 95

Foley Pale Pink Floral Cup and Saucer

Lot #: 96

Royal Albert Pale Yellow Teacup and Saucer

Painter’s Rose Pattern

Lot #: 97

Royal Albert Teacup and Saucer

Lot #: 98

Royal Albert Chateau Series Teacup and Saucer

Pattern: Nancy

Lot #: 99

Royal Albert Cup and Saucer

Lot #: 100

Shelley Pink and Blue Teacup and Saucer

Pattern: Phlox

Lot #: 101

19th C Hand Forged Cast Iron Latch

Lot #: 102

Vintage Hand Carved and Hand Painted Robin

Lot #: 103

Lot of Early Buttons

Lot #: 104

Lot of 5 Collectible Pins


Lot #: 105

Vintage JW Ellis Industries Stopwatch Toronto

Lot #: 106

Lot of 3 Vintage Chauffer’s Licences & Pin

1926; 1928 (2); Button 1956

Lot #: 107

19th C Young Gentleman Ambrotype Photograph

the earliest were produced on glass, as is this

Lot #: 108

Wilson’s Bakelite Vintage Sunglasses

Brown Bakelite frames w cobalt shades

Lot #: 109

19th C 12 Stick Candlemold

rare 6″ height

Lot #: 110

C1930 Child Baby Embroidered Coverlet “These Three

Kittens” 34″ x 49″

Lot #: 111

Lot of Blue Wedgwood England Pieces

Lot #: 112

Lot of Blue Wedgwood England Pieces

Lot #: 113

1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation Commemorative


Lot #: 114

Our King and Queen Childrens Souvenir Picture Book

Giveaway Compliments of the Makers of Concentrated Super Suds; Details the life and coronation of George VI

Lot #: 115

The Illustrated London News Coronation 1953 Queen

Book In great condition; colour photographs throughout; 68 detailed pages

Lot #: 116

19th C Pin Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Photo

Pin 1837 to 1897 housed in a daguerrotype style case often used for tintype photos

Lot #: 117

1902 Coronation Day King Edward VII & Alexandra

Rowntree Tin measures 2 1/8″ x 1 1/2. x 7/8″

Lot #: 118

Lot of 4 Vintage Royalty Pins Kings George V & VI

Edward VII King George V and Mary; Duke & Duchess (George and Mary); 1937 George VI & Elizabeth 1937; Edward VII Coin; Badge Specialty Co Ltd Montreal; Photo Jewelery Company Toronto Ontario; 1903 Coin cut out and made into a pin

Lot #: 119

C1910 French Brass Compass

marked Made in France

Lot #: 120

Antique Spring Loaded Brass Folding Eyeglasses

Lot #: 120a

Lake Oil Painting on Canvas

Approx 30″ x 24? Some small cracks in frame

Lot #: 120b

Forest Oil Painting on Board

Approx 23″ x 27?

Lot #: 121

Diamond Jubilee Canada Confederation Pin & Ribbon

1867 to 1927 ribbon reads Township of York Ward One DIAMOND JUBILEE 1887 to 1927

Lot #: 122

Antique Marble Arms Brass Pin on Hunting Military


Lot #: 123

Cased 1927 Past Grand IOOF Ontario Medal

loyalty Lodge 393 February 1927; minor repair needed to reattach medal to bar pin