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A Touch of Class Auction & Appraisal Service

15 May, 2019

Includes items from a local Barrie Estate, plus inclusions: Furnishings including antiques, vintage and modern, various glass, crystal, china including dish sets, Moorcroft pottery, artworks, carpets, home decor, and so much more!

Lot #: 1

Hobnail Depression Glasses

Lot #: 2

Depression Glass Divided Dish

Lot #: 3

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 4

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 5

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 6

Tea Cup Display Mount

Lot #: 7

Depression Glasses

Lot #: 8

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 9

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 10

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 10a

Teacups and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 11

“Shelley” Tea Cup and Saucer

Lot #: 12

Carnival Glass Ruffled Rim Vase

Lot #: 13

Lladro “NAO” Figurine

Lot #: 14

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 15

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 16

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Luncheon Plates

Lot #: 17

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Luncheon Plates

Lot #: 18

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Coffee Mugs

Lot #: 19

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Serving Pieces

Lot #: 20

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Plates

Lot #: 21

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Teapot

Lot #: 22

Royal Albert “Silver Birch” Cream & Sugar

Lot #: 23

“Christine Marshall” Limited Edition Print

Lot #: 24

Needlepoint Artwork

Lot #: 25

Community Ware Flatware

Lot #: 26

Assortment of Serving Pieces

Lot #: 27

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 28

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 29

Cornflower Depression Glass

Lot #: 30

Cornflower Style Depression Plate

Lot #: 31

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 32

Pate Knives Lot

Lot #: 33

Flared Rim Depression Glass Bowl

Lot #: 34

Silver Plate Serving Pieces Lot

Lot #: 35

Depression Glass Bridal Basket

Lot #: 35a

Antique Biscuit Barrel

Lot #: 36

Silver Plate Salt and Pepper Shaker Lot

Lot #: 37

Sterling Silver Flatware

Lot #: 38

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 39

Depression Glass Wine Glass Lot

Lot #: 40

Retro Glass Lot

Lot #: 41

Royal Doulton “Julia”

Lot #: 42

Royal Doulton “Sandra”

Lot #: 43

Royal Doulton “Jennifer”

Lot #: 44

Royal Doulton “Chloe”

Lot #: 45

Royal Doulton “Jacqueline”

Lot #: 46

Silver Plate Lot

Lot #: 47

Coalport Collectable Figurine

Lot #: 48

Aynsley Royal Lot

Lot #: 49

Moorcroft Anemone Circa 1965

Lot #: 50

Moorcroft Anemone Circa 1972-1975

Lot #: 51

Moorcroft Clematis Pin Tray

Lot #: 52

Moorcroft Clematis Children’s Mug

Lot #: 53

Moorcroft Hibiscus Cobalt Ground

Lot #: 54

Moorcroft Anemone Circa 1972-1975

Lot #: 54a

Moorcroft Small Bulbous Modern Florian Vase

Lot #: 54b

Moorcroft Small Bulbous Modern Florian Vase

Lot #: 55

Moorcroft Hibiscus Lidded Box

Lot #: 56

Double Matted Artwork Lot

Lot #: 57

Vintage Hand Purses

Lot #: 58

Antique Chamber Pot

Lot #: 59

Horse Brass on Leather

Lot #: 60

Unique Brass Antique Salter Lot

Lot #: 61

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 62

Modern Amber Glass Lantern

Lot #: 63

Nippon Footed Dish Set

Lot #: 64

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits” Plates

Lot #: 65

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 65a

Royal Doulton Autumn Fruits Boullion Bowls/Saucers

Lot #: 66

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 67

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 68

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 69

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 69a

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits” Teacups/Saucers

Lot #: 70

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 71

Royal Doulton “Autumn Fruits”

Lot #: 72

“Allerton’s – Versailles” Partial Tea Set

Lot #: 73

“Radford’s” Fruit Porcelain Basket

Lot #: 74

Cornflower Style Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lot #: 75

“Woods” Booths Porcelain Plate Lot

Lot #: 76

Italian Clay Mask

Lot #: 77

Italian Clay Mask

Lot #: 78

Italian Clay Mask

Lot #: 79

Needlepoint Tapestry

Lot #: 80

Alexander Krajewski Print

Lot #: 81

Mitch Keirstead Print

Lot #: 82

L. Sanderson Print

Lot #: 83

“Denby” Soup Set

Lot #: 84

Corning Ware Lot

Lot #: 85

Corning Ware Lot

Lot #: 86

Mexican Sterling Ring Lot

Lot #: 87

Antique Necklace

Lot #: 88

Sterling and Costume Jewellery Lot

Lot #: 89

Costume Gold Tone Jewellery

Lot #: 90

Sterling Lot

Lot #: 91

Retro Brooch

Lot #: 92

Artwork Lot

Lot #: 93

Vintage Vanity Items

Lot #: 94

Cast Iron Lot

Lot #: 95

Green Mark Belleek Dish

Lot #: 96

Lead Crystal Bowl Lot

Lot #: 97

Faux Leather Jewellery Box

Lot #: 98

Silver Plate Cobalt Blue Salters

Lot #: 99

Antique Tractor Seat

Lot #: 100

Crystal Water Pitcher Lot

Lot #: 101

Artwork Lot

Lot #: 102

Artwork Lot

Lot #: 103

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

Lot #: 104

Retro Glass Lot

Lot #: 105

Framed Oil on Canvas

Lot #: 106

Framed Oil on Canvas

Lot #: 107

Fold up Camp Chairs & Dome Lot

Lot #: 108

Lot of Assorted Frames

Lot #: 109

Tupperware Lot

Lot #: 110

Like New Hamilton Beach Contact Grill

Lot #: 111

Weather Tech Car Mat’s

Lot #: 112

Pots and Pans Lot

Lot #: 113

Cat Dcor Lot

Lot #: 114

Pair of WholeHome Cotton Throws

Lot #: 115

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Dinner Plates

Lot #: 115a

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Serving Platters

Lot #: 115b

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Serving Bowls

Lot #: 115c

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Side Plates

Lot #: 115d

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Dessert Plates

Lot #: 115e

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Teacup and Saucers

Lot #: 115f

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Teacup and Saucers

Lot #: 115g

Royal Doulton “Rondo” Teapot Set

Lot #: 115h

Plate Protective Cases

Lot #: 116

Artwork Lot

Lot #: 117

Collection of Magnets & More

Lot #: 118

Charger Plates

Lot #: 119

Vase Lot

Lot #: 120

Brown Betty Teapot

Lot #: 121

Stained Glass Garden Stake

Lot #: 122

Assortment of Kitchen Accessories

Lot #: 123

Silver Plate Extendable Trivets

Lot #: 124

Cutting Board Lot

Lot #: 125

Trivet Lot

Lot #: 126

Artificial Plant in Clay Pot

Lot #: 127

Amethyst Glass Ware

Lot #: 128

Silver Plate Lot

Lot #: 129

Covered Butter Dish Lot

Lot #: 130

Vintage Linens Lot

Lot #: 131

Cook Book Lot

Lot #: 132

Figurine Lot

Lot #: 133

Amber Divided Dish Lot

Lot #: 134

Amethyst Glass Ware

Lot #: 135

Pinwheel Lot

Lot #: 136

Kaiser Vase

Lot #: 137

Amethyst Glass Ware

Lot #: 138

Amethyst Glass Ware

Lot #: 139

Amethyst Vase

Lot #: 139a

Cast Iron Bacon Press & Knives Lot

Lot #: 140

Retro Coffee Lot

Lot #: 141

General Electric Food Processor

Lot #: 142

Remington Paraffin Wax Treatment

Lot #: 143

Retro Bunting Pan Lot

Lot #: 144

“Cherry Berry” Buckwheat Pillow

Lot #: 145

Sewing Kit

Lot #: 146

Pampered Chef Lot

Lot #: 147

Retro Kitchen Lot

Lot #: 148

Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

Lot #: 149

Kitchen Lot

Lot #: 150

Pots and Pans Lot

Lot #: 151

Retro Glass Ornaments Lot

Lot #: 152

Christmas Dcor Box

Lot #: 153

Christmas Dcor Box

Lot #: 154

Crochet Pillow Cases

Lot #: 155

Christmas Tote Lot

Lot #: 156

Christmas Lot

Lot #: 157

Home Accessory Lot

Lot #: 158

“Omega” Hand Held Vacuum

Lot #: 159

Dresser with Mirror

Lot #: 160

Oak Quilt Rack

Lot #: 161

Wing Chair

Lot #: 162

Oak Armoire

Lot #: 163

Gibbard Dining Table with Chairs

Lot #: 163a

Gibbard China Cabinet

Lot #: 164

Patio Set (Like New)

Lot #: 165

Outdoor Carpets

Lot #: 167

Patio Set

Lot #: 168

Rolling Racks

Lot #: 169

Canning Lot

Lot #: 170

Gold Gilded Frames

Lot #: 171

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 172

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 173

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 174

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 175

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 176

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 177

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 178

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 179

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 180

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 181

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 182

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 183

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 184

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 185

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 186

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 187

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 188

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 189

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 190

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 191

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 192

Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” Dishes

Lot #: 193

Great Southern Security CSD-18 Device

Lot #: 194

Antique Dish Lot

Lot #: 195

Antique Shoe Forms Lot

Lot #: 196

Retro Toy Lot

Lot #: 197

Tarot Card and 45’s Lot

Lot #: 198

Gibson’s Cream and Sugar Lot

Lot #: 199

Novel Book Lot

Lot #: 200


Lot #: 201

Seagull Pewter Lot

Lot #: 202

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 203

Depression Glass Lot

Lot #: 204

Artwork Lot

Lot #: 205

Antique Ceiling Tin

Lot #: 206

Antique Ceiling Tin

Lot #: 207

Candelabra Lot

Lot #: 208

Rustic Egg Sign

Lot #: 209

JVC Compact Component System

Lot #: 209a

Samsung Flat Screen Monitor

Lot #: 210

Men’s Suit Rack

Lot #: 211

Men’s Dresser Organizer

Lot #: 212

New 2 Step Ladder

Lot #: 213

Safety 1st Step Ladder

Lot #: 214

Unique Natuzzi Red Couch w/ Foot Stool

Lot #: 215

Christmas Dcor

Lot #: 216

King Canada 7 1/4 Circular Saw

Lot #: 217

Vintage Ironing Lot

Lot #: 218

Vintage Toasters

Lot #: 219

Vintage Drive in Speaker

Lot #: 220

Railway Spikes

Lot #: 221

Bevelled Mirror

Lot #: 222

Modern Geometric Pattern Runner

Lot #: 223

Modern Geometric Area Carpet

Lot #: 224

Impression Collection Modern Carpet

Lot #: 225

Modern Area Carpet

Lot #: 226

Modern Area Rug

Lot #: 227

Modern Area Carpet

Lot #: 228

Stevens Omni Geometric Modern Rug

Lot #: 229

Victoria Couristan Area Carpet

Lot #: 230

Single Bed

Lot #: 231

Single Bed

Lot #: 232

Queen Metal Ornate Bed Frame

Lot #: 233

“Vogel” Antique Parlour Chair

Lot #: 234

Modern Wing Back Chair

Lot #: 235

Basket Lot

Lot #: 236

Fleur de Lis Flow Blue Platter

Lot #: 237

Nippon Berry Set

Lot #: 238

Antique Medicinal Bottles

Lot #: 238a

Antique Dresser/Wash Stand

Lot #: 238b

Antique Wash Stand

Lot #: 238c

Vintage Upholstered Bench

Lot #: 239

Antique German Porcelain

Lot #: 240

Antique 3 Piece Porcelain Set

Lot #: 241

Occupied Japan Lot

Lot #: 242

Antique Porcelain Lot

Lot #: 243

Royal Standard Creamer Lot

Lot #: 244

Occupied Japan Lot

Lot #: 245

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

Lot #: 246

Outline Luggage Set

Lot #: 247

Biscuit Barrel

Lot #: 248

D&C French Lidded Jar with Plate

Lot #: 249

Occupied Japan Lot

Lot #: 250

Occupied Japan Lot

Lot #: 251

Noritake Handled Plate

Lot #: 252

Nippon Dessert Plates

Lot #: 253

Royal Crown Derby Tea Cup and Saucers

Lot #: 254

Royal Crown Derby Tea Cup and Saucers

Lot #: 255

Antique Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shakers Lot

Lot #: 256

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 257

Antique Porcelain Lot

Lot #: 258

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 259

Flow Blue “Ridgeway’s “Verona” Bowl

Lot #: 260

Antique Cast Iron Stove Damper Lot

Lot #: 261

Royal Albert Tea Cup & Saucer Lot

Lot #: 262

Geisha Girl Tea Set

Lot #: 263

Occupied Japan Balloon Lady

Lot #: 264

Antique Porcelain Door Knob Lot

Lot #: 265

Tea Cup and Saucer Lot

Lot #: 266

Enamel Ware Lot

Lot #: 267

Beautiful Crystal Stemware Set

Lot #: 268

Retro Kitchen Ware

Lot #: 269

Antique Drawers

Lot #: 270

J.L Keirstead Reproduction Print

Lot #: 271

J.L Keirstead Reproduction Print

Lot #: 272

Assortment of Crystal Wine Glasses

Lot #: 273

Bombay Co. Picture Frame Box

Lot #: 274

Royal Doulton Platter

Lot #: 275

Crystal Open Salter Lot

Lot #: 276

Royal Doulton Server Lot

Lot #: 277

Pyrex Pie Plate Lot

Lot #: 278

Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls

Lot #: 279

Bowring Lot

Lot #: 280

Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls

Lot #: 281

“Final Touch” Wine Bottle Holder Lot

Lot #: 282

Antique and Modern Frames

Lot #: 283

Miniature Gold Frames

Lot #: 284

Coffee Pot Lot

Lot #: 285

Storage Unit

Lot #: 286

New 32″ Wigglekite Nylon Kite

Lot #: 287

New 34″ SkyBugz Nylon Kite

Lot #: 288

New 31″ Wigglekite Nylon Kite

Lot #: 289

New 33″ Wigglekite Nylon Kite

Lot #: 290

New 36″ SkyMax Nylon Kite

Lot #: 291

Variety of Glass Vases

Lot #: 292

New Aquaticz Polo Set

Lot #: 293

Gold Gilded Loose Items

Lot #: 294

Candle Lot

Lot #: 295

Bar Stool

Lot #: 296

Piano Bench

Lot #: 297

“Garrison” Dehumidifier

Lot #: 298

Artificial Tree

Lot #: 299

4.5′ Canadian Pine Christmas Tree

Lot #: 300

Utility Cart

Lot #: 301

Vintage Wedding Dress with Cloak

Lot #: 302

OTT-Lite Floor Lamp

Lot #: 303

Framed Oil on Board

Lot #: 304

Signed and Numbered Print

Lot #: 305

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

Lot #: 306

Pots and Pans Lot

Lot #: 307

Pyrex Lot

Lot #: 307a

Folding Ironing Board

Lot #: 308

Basket Lot

Lot #: 309

Picture Frames Lot

Lot #: 310

Picture Frames Lot

Lot #: 311

Retro Tupperware Lot

Lot #: 312

Raine Collector Shoe Lot

Lot #: 313

Strolleasy Transporter Trolley

Lot #: 314

Olfa Cutting Matt Lot

Lot #: 316

Modern “Versailles” Carpet


Terms and ConditionsThe bidders(s) and the Auctioneer(s) agree that the terms listed below shall govern each and every auction sale.All registration information the Bidder provides to the Auctioneer shall be current, complete, and accurate. All bidders must be 18 years of age or older. The bidder agrees to not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of any transaction being conducted on and during any auction sale. Please note that upon registration your credit card used to register may be charged a nominal "ping" fee from $1-2 dollars to verify it is activated. This fee will reverse within 3-5 business days. 1.Photos with lot descriptions are to be used to act as part of the item description. We make all efforts to note any defects prior to the auction close. Please view all photos for each item before you bid and bid accordingly. All sizes noted in description are approximate. 2.Settlement for payment for purchases can be made by cash, interac/debit, Visa or Mastercard. All sales are subject to 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). All sales are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium of the Purchase Price and payable by the Buyers. Full settlement to be made at the conclusion of the sale. Nothing is removed until paid in full, and invoice received.3.Buyer acknowledges and agrees not to retract their bids. The Highest Bidder shall be the Buyer, and if any dispute arises during the Sale, then the Auctioneer, may at his discretion, put the Lot up again. The Auctioneer's decision is final. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and shall control the bidding at all times.4.Buyer shall be responsible for making all arrangements for merchandise pick-up and /or removal per specific terms or conditions listed for auction. Please note that some removal times are short, be aware of removal times when you bid. Removal times will be posted - buyer must adhere to these times, no exceptions will be made. Buyer must provide all packing materials necessary to remove all items purchased. (ie: packing paper, boxes, packing tape, moving dolley, additional help need to move items, etc as the Auctioneer does not provide any of these items).5.The items have been displayed and each Buyer shall be held to have satisfied himself as to the condition, identity and authenticity, and shall not be permitted to make any objections after the sale on any grounds whatsoever. Neither the Auctioneer nor the Owner is responsible for any error on conditions of items.6.All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Once the item is sold, the Buyer shall assume full risk and responsibility for the item.7.Despite efforts to avoid withdrawal of item/lots from the sale after they are listed it may sometimes be necessary. Auctioneer and the Owner/Seller reserve the right to do so at any time before or during the sale. The Owner/Sellers of property sold through this Site reserve the right to reject any and all bids in their sole discretion. If there is a reserve on a lot, the Auctioneer and/or the Seller have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller.8.Merchandise becomes the full responsibility of the Buyer at time of PAYMENT. Any Buyer having someone, other than himself, pick-up his purchases must notify the Auctioneer. Buyer shall be at his own risk and liability at the Owners' property for pick ups, and shall hold the Owner/Seller and the Auctioneer harmless for the Buyer's negligence. Buyer shall also be held responsible for any damage to the Owner's property, caused by the Buyer. After final removal date, unless previous arrangements have been made, there will be a per day, per item/lot storage fee charged to the Buyer. Buyer's that fail to pick up their items shall be billed for disposal fees of mininum $10.00CAD per lot.9.Auctioneer reserves the right to resell any property not paid for in full with all funds received by Auctioneer within two days on the online auction item/lots closing date. Failure to pay for item/lots won on this online auction may result in legal action against Buyer. 10.Auctioneer cannot , and will not, be held responsible for any interruption in service, errors and/or omissions, caused by any means and does not guarantee continual, uninterrupted or error free service or use of the Site. Bidder acknowledges that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. The Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, may void a sale, temporarily suspend bidding and re-sell any items/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of the Auctioneer is final.11.Auctioneer gathers information about Bidders and Owners/Sellers for the purposes of conducting online auctions only. Auctioneer does not, and will not, sell or rent this information.12.Auctioneer uses email mailing lists to notify its customers about online and live auctions. If you are receiving a particular mailing and wish to discontinue receiving future mailings, simply forward the received email to Auctioneer to have your name removed from our list.13.As a Bidder you are responsible for any bids placed under your bidding number and password. The security of your Bidder information is your sole responsibility as you, the Bidder, will be responsible for any and all bids placed under your number. If at any time you feel that your Bidder number and password have been compromised due to lack of security on your part you must notify Auctioneer immediately.14.By using this site, you, the Bidder, agree in advance to accept all rules, terms, and conditions, and any such possible changes thereto.15.Barb Richards A Touch of Class Auction and Appraisal Service is acting as Agent for the Seller.16.What does "SOFT CLOSE" mean? Items close every second. Any bids placed in the last minute of the auction will cause the auction item to stay open for an additional 3 minutes. This will continue until all bidding has ceased.17.What is "MAXIMUM BIDDING"? Bidders may place a maximum bid on each item. Your initial bid will increase automatically, each time you are outbid, up to your maximum bid. If a competing bid is above your maximum bid, you will be required to bid online again, if you want to be the successful bidder.18.Any items purchased and not picked up within 10 days will be considered deemed and abandoned and will be disposed of at the Auctioneers discretion.19. Auctioneer has set pick up times. No exceptions. Furthermore, regardless of circumstances, limitations or lack of pick up for any reason resulting in the buyer not receiving paid for items is not, nor will it be the responsibility of A Touch of Class.20. When picking up your items, please check and review your statement at that time. It is the customers responsibility to check and ensure that they have all items paid for. A Touch of Class is not liable for any misplaced or unpacked/not taken items. Your use of this auction site marks your acceptance in full these Terms and Conditions.21. We DO NOT ship items. If you bid and ask for shipping there will be a minimum $15 handling fee/surcharge, your credit card will be processed and items will be delivered to Canada Post at your own risk. Actual Canada Post shipping cost will also be applied to your card. Shipping can be expensive and take a long time. PICKUP: IF YOU ARE A SUCCESSFUL BIDDER, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN UNPAID INVOICE BY EMAIL AFTER THE SALE CLOSES. WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO PICKUP YOUR ITEMS YOU HAVE YOUR CHOICE OF PAYMENT- CASH, DEBIT/INTERAC, VISA OR MASTERCARD.PICKUP IS SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019 FROM 4PM until 7PM AT: 110 ANNE STREET SOUTH, UNIT 9, BARRIE, ON L4N 2E3ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED MULTIPLE ITEMS PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE 6:30PM TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO PACK AND GATHER YOUR ITEMS. INVOICES NOT PAID BY 6:45PM THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019 WILL BE PROCESSED ON THE REGISTERED CREDIT CARD ON FILE, INCLUDING ANY ADDITIONAL STORAGE OR NON PICK UP FEES. ITEMS CANNOT BE HELD AFTER THE PICKUP TIME. IF YOU DO NOT PICK UP YOUR ITEMS YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE PROCESSED AND A DISPOSAL OR STORAGE FEE OF $15 PER ITEM FOR SMALL ITEMS AND $25 PER ITEM FOR LARGE ITEMS (DESKS/DRESSERS/FRIDGE/ETC) PER DAY WILL APPLY. DISPOSAL OR STORAGE IS ENTIRELY DEPENDANT ON THE AUCTIONEER'S DECISION. THIS FEE WILL BE APPLIED WEEKLY. AFTER TWO WEEKS YOUR ITEM/S WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED. Please consider these additional charges when you see a large item selling in the final moments of the auction for $2 - you will need to pick up your item as we do not have disposal available and it's unfair to leave these items for the sellers to dispose of. You will have fees added on if you do not pick up.


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. A Touch of Class Auction & Appraisal Service, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.