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20 May, 2018 9:30 am

From Toronto:

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MAY LONG WEEKEND SALE       Sunday, May 20 9:30 AM

ANTIQUES: 3 antique platter covers, wooden egg crate "Folding Egg Crate pat. 1905 by Boswell, Hamilton, Canada", oak wall phone, glass butter press, wooden butter churnwooden sugar mold, copper jelly molds, antique western style gun holsters w/ sterling hardware, 1928 hand tooled leather holster w/ 10 kt. gold hardware, wooden umbrella stand, copper fire extinguisher, brass umbrella stand, antique folk art lure display, barn lanterns, pine plate shelf, 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" tall cobalt blue glass hen on nest, antique china to include Chinese porcelain, basalt ware bowl with polychrome enamel birds and flowers, antique shillelagh & billy club, 2 school slates, partial antique wash set, antique figural majolica bottle (woman w/umbrella), cast iron tools, cookware, hooks, etc.,

VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: vintage 6' diameter BA sign, working 1951 Mitchell Lullaby bed-lamp radio, vintage product tins & marmalade crocks & jars, collection walking sticks, wall mount carved wooden deer w/ natural drop antlers, antler cribbage board, pine wall coal oil lamp shelf, blue enamelware tea kettle, electric banquet lamp, powder horn, doll's high chair, wind up pr. robots salt & pepper shakers, vintage pierced leather cowboy hat, split ash & cedar goose basket, 3 carved wooden mantle birds, 2 decoys, lg. pocketknife collection to include 5 cent Coca Cola promotional knives, Hot Wheels & more. 2 antique outboard motors Johnson Lynite & Neptune, kitchenalia, large amethyst crystal, vintage Life mags., reproduction tin signs to include Coke & Winchester,

MILITARIA/RELATED: WWII military hats collection to include tanker's helmet & berets, 253 Queen's Unversity Overseas Battalion badge, hats, badges, WWII photos to include 1941 photo of 3/47th Battery at Petawawa, 1933 photo of Nassau Mills Camp 3rd Prince of Wales Canadian Dragoons (Peterborough), WWI photo of B28 Overseas Battalion Camp Hughes July 1916, powder horn, shothorn, 2 Winchester ball powder tins, Canadian Explosives Snapshot tin, bone bottle, MIP scale models to include Avro Lancaster, Solido, military postcards, WWII Air Force Insignia & Badges books, also Herbie! By Coughlin,

Peterborough & area: 1901 photo of Peterboro Town Council, hardcover Atlas of Peterborough County, collection of local yardsticks to include 1963 International Ploughing Match, local dairy bottles, matchbook collection, Montgomery Bros. Coal thermometer (4 digit phone #), Ontario Motor Leaque metal sign & glass sign, dairy bottles to include Campbell's Dairy & Moncrieff's Dairy, Peterboro, crockery bottles to include Pink's Ginger Beer, medicine bottles to include Napanee,

VINTAGE TOYS/GAMES: Viewmaster w/ slides to include Roy Rogers, Gene Autry & Hopalong Cassidy, antique wooden pull toy, Noddy toy w/ Big Ears & golliwog, Mickey Mouse toy, Simpsons dolls, Reliable doll baby bottle, Hot Wheels collection, all MIP, diecast trucks and cars MIP, military models, vintage gameboards, wooden dominoes,

INDIGENOUS: 2 model birchbark canoes, one w/ paddle & quill detail, birch bark kayak, carved canoe, lg. split ash gathering basket, stone hand tools

MISCELLANEOUS: pr. outdoor candle lanterns,


ART: measured with framed size in brackets

  1. Norval Morisseau acrylic on butcher's paper of bird 24 x 29" (33 x 38 1/2")

  2. Daphne Odjig limited edition print 'Jaffa Gate' 42/250, 21 3/4 x 26 1/2" (29 1/4 x 33 3/4")

  3. Jackson Beardy limited edition print 'Homage to the Great Spirit' 16/50, 17 1/2 x 22 1/2" (25 1/2 x 30 1/2"), signed and dated in pencil, lower right.1980

  4. Norval Morisseau limited edition print 'Me, Rman and a cycle of ' 32 1/4 x 27 1/2"

  5. Stephen Snake oil on board, man's face, signed lower right S. Snake '96, 15 1/2 x 19 1/2" (20 1/2 x 24 1/2")

  6. Stephen Snake oil on canvas of man and spirit 16 x 20", canvas stretched over wood frame, signed lower right, S. Snake '91.

    7. pair framed b/w prints (14 x 17")of woman with pipe & (17 x 14") of two men

    8. Gary Silverberg painitng, Man with Wings 25 x 36" signed GS 1999

  1. John Scott painting of man with writingon his body 25 x 38"

    10. Gary Silverberg painting man with blue jacket 22 1/2 x 30", signed GS '99

11. Ian Baxter 'Messaging Landscape' signed 30 x 22 1/2"

12. Ian Baxter 'Flyer Landscape' 30 x 21 1/2"

13. Isaac Bignell /87 of loon and sun 22 1/2 x 26 3/4"

14. Cabiness limited edition print 'Blue Goose' 56/100 24 x 18" (Buffalo Point Reserve)

15. Carl Beam mixed media Men and Whale 33 1/2 x 30"

16. Richard Bedwash acrylic on paper 'Two Birds' 30 1/2 x 22"

17. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of eagle head, 12 x 16"

18. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of eagle in flight, 12 x 16"

19. Daphne Odjig b/w print of fisherman, 10 x 13"

20. Daphne Odjig print of boats, 13 x 10"

21. Goyce Kakegamic 1977 silkcreen print 'Drumming' 59/74, 14 1/2 x 20 3/4"

22. Lloyd Kakepekum 1982 silkscreen print of man in canoe 30 x 22 1/4"

23. fabric applique wall hanging of drummer, felt & cotton, 14 1/2 x 18"

24 -26 Alex "Runt" Currie's career as an artist dates back to the '80s after his handmade posters were recognized in a Queen Street bar/gallery called Cameron House. After painting the side of the popular '80s nightclub, BamBoo, and the famous rock venue, Lee's Palace, his reputation as a street artist began to prosper.

24. acrylic on canvas of smiling worms, signed Runt, 18 x 14"

25. acrylic on canvas of two faces, signed Runt, 18 x 14"

26. acrylic on canvas of twofish, signed Runt, 18 x 14"

27. kachina with black head and horns, marked on base 'Whipper Kachina' carved by Guyro J. '85, 11 1/2" tall

28. carved and painted wooden kachina, 14 1/2" tall, marked on base "HOPI" NANO NANA TUNA GIN Anthony"

29. carved and painted wooden kachina, 9 3/4" tall, marked on base "F.C.A. HOPI"

30. kachina w/ feathered headdress, 12 1/2" tall, marked on base 'Haying'

31. 'Mountain Lion Kachina', 12 3/4" tall, w/ red head and duck's bill, marked on base 'Carved by guyro J. Arizona -86-"

32. 12" kachina w/ white mask and red ears, marked on base 'Talavi A3'

wooden carving of bear, 20" tall, signed




Several large collections including Canadian art! See you there!


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