Offered For The First Time by Auction-Our Private Collector is Selling His Entire Collection of Original Paintings and Fine Art Without Reserve. The Collection Consists of Many Fine Oil on Canvas-Watercolours and Ltd Edition Prints Etchings and Drawings From Canadian and World Wide Artists. There Will Be Decorative Arts Inclusions From His Home and Private Gallery.

Lot #: 1

D.Lang 1972 Oil on Board

Lot #: 2

T.J.Burton (1935) Signed Oil on Board Still Life

Lot #: 2a

Original Josheph Giunta (1911-2001) Oil on Board

Lot #: 3

J. Wojtkowiak Oil Polish Impressionist Landscape

Lot #: 4

Lenore Thomas Oil on Board Landscape

Lot #: 5

Titled Impressionist Work Oil on Board

Lot #: 5a

Andrew Plum (1965-) Acrylic/Canvas Abstract 2012

Lot #: 6

Oil on Board Sailing Ship

Lot #: 7

Sir Walter Scott Portrait in Wood Gilt Frame

Lot #: 8

19th Century Oil on Metal Painting in Gilt Frame

Lot #: 9

Dorothy Broderick (Moffatt 1968) Abstract

Lot #: 10

Oil on Board European Cityscape

Lot #: 10a

Samuel Bough (1822-1878) Scottish

Lot #: 11

E.Wickham Nautical Subject Oil on Board

Lot #: 12

Oil on Board “The Watch” Snowy Oil

Lot #: 13

Oil on Board “Timber Wolves” Signed

Lot #: 14

Oil on Board “J.W.Beirnes Canadian Artist (Listow

Lot #: 15

L.A.Humble Impressionist Oil on Board

Lot #: 15a

Halfred Tygesen (CDN 1890-1951) Pastel

Lot #: 16

P.E.Munro Lake View Oil on Board

Lot #: 17

D.J.Ward (1961) Oil on Board Rustic Retreat

Lot #: 18

W.D.Tolton 1945 Oil on Board Winter Landscape

Lot #: 19

SoKol 1966 on Canvas Red Rowboat

Lot #: 20

Aletta Stephens 1963 Maritime Oil on Board

Lot #: 20a

Original Laura Adelaine Muntz Lyall Watercolour

Lot #: 21

Tidemann Impressionist Landscape Oil on Canvas

Lot #: 22

F.Bricker Oil on Board “Fox Hunting Party”

Lot #: 23

Egbert Oudendag (Dutch Canadian) Oil on Board

Lot #: 24

M Kormendy Oil on Board Folk Art Oil on Board-1978

Lot #: 25

Impressionist Oil on Board Lake Scene

Lot #: 26

Hodges Penguins Print

Lot #: 27

Kelly Green “New Grange Roll” Abstract

Lot #: 28

RCMP Hand Hammered Repousse Copper

Lot #: 29

Portrait of Man with Pipe Oil on Canvas

Lot #: 30

Mid Cen Modern Silkscreen Portrait-Jane Gilbert

Lot #: 31

Mid Cen Modern Silkscreen Portrait-Jane Gilbert

Lot #: 32

Mid Cen Modern Silkscreen Portrait-Jane Gilbert

Lot #: 33

Oil on Board “Christ” Obscure Artist Signed

Lot #: 34

Salvador Dali “Sacrament of Last Supper” Print

Lot #: 36

R.Cherrie “Burlington Bay” Watercolour

Lot #: 37

Jennifer Chadwick 1978 Artists Proof #5

Lot #: 38

Fine East Coast Fishing Village Watercolour

Lot #: 39

Amish Pastel on Paper

Lot #: 40

Churchill Ottawa 1941 Foster Litho

Lot #: 41

Stopping Tom Conners Publicity Photo DAS 1993

Lot #: 42

Excellent Victorian Valentine Photo Button Art

Lot #: 43

Rare 1920’s Coloured Photo “Theda Bara” Flapper

Lot #: 44

Early Dutch Watercolour Obscure Artist Unsigned

Lot #: 45

S.Trinkaus Acrylic on Board Abstract

Lot #: 46

Fine Early European Watercolour-Obscure Artist

Lot #: 47

Needlepoint Equestrian Scene

Lot #: 48

Irish Watercolour Landscape Signed Dated 1949

Lot #: 49

Irish Watercolour Landscape Signed Dated 1949

Lot #: 50

Abstract Cubist Watercolour

Lot #: 51

19th Century Lord Byron Engraving

Lot #: 52

1954 Darrow Print “Keep Smiling Have Faith”

Lot #: 53

C Soucie Stunning Watercolour “Early Morning Mist

Lot #: 54

Evelyn Nitzberg (Los Angles CA) Crayon Drawing

Lot #: 55

Victorian Adirondack Watercolour

Lot #: 56

Nicholas Takis “Small Town” Print

Lot #: 57

ER Sturgeon Print -European Town

Lot #: 58

Wartime Card Collogue

Lot #: 59

B Canetra Oil on Board Still Life

Lot #: 60

Maritime Watercolour Signed G.H.

Lot #: 61

C.B.Hughes Watercolour White Birch and Canoe

Lot #: 62

Set (3) Glenn W. McCullough Watercolor’s

Lot #: 63

Fine Early Watercolour-Signed Lower Right

Lot #: 64

Vintage Venice Pastel Obscure Artist

Lot #: 65

Adrien-Moreau 1882 Watercolor Gouache

Lot #: 66

Jimmy Frise Piece (Toronto Star) Illustrator 1940

Lot #: 67

Pair D. Griffith Vintage Oil on Board “Cats”

Lot #: 68

1975 Bill O’Neill “War Chief” Colour Marble Etch

Lot #: 69

Sir D.Y. Cameron Second Volume Etching Book

Lot #: 70

W.A. Woodson (Illinois) Watercolour

Lot #: 71

Ltd Edition Nautical Wood Block Print-Signed

Lot #: 72

ER Sturgeon Print -European Town

Lot #: 73

M.M.Philp Early Watercolour in Original Frame

Lot #: 74

George S. Lambert Ltd Edition Abstract Print

Lot #: 75

Emma Haskett 1927 Pastel of Winter Town

Lot #: 76

Nancy Lubec Ltd Edition Print-Folk Art

Lot #: 77

Dubi Arie Ltd Edition Colour Etching “Spring Song

Lot #: 78

1967 Centennial Gallery of Canada Confederation Pr

Lot #: 79

Dave Maloney 1992 Marble Etching

Lot #: 80

Abstract Wood Block Print of Horse-Obscure

Lot #: 81

Large Abstract Print-Obscure Artist Wonderful Piec

Lot #: 82

Benn Early Ltd Edition Print Signed in Pencil

Lot #: 83

Oil on Canvas Women Figure Swimming

Lot #: 84

Original Elsie Carter Oil on Canvas “Boudoir”

Lot #: 85

Oil on Canvas Women Figure Dancing

Lot #: 86

David Hui Art Print Singed and Dated

Lot #: 87

Winter Watercololour Signed Lower Right

Lot #: 88

Original Jack Reid Watercolour “Early Barn”

Lot #: 89

Original Jack Reid Watercolour Rare “Harbor Scene

Lot #: 90

Interesting Ltd Edition Print-Signed Pencil Lower

Lot #: 91

Engraving of Early Painting by F Whealley R.A.

Lot #: 92

Original Inuit Pastel-Polar Bear and Cub-Obscure S

Lot #: 93

Original Watercolour-Orso ’05 Mountains & Inukshuk

Lot #: 94

Ltd Edition Waterfoul Marsh Scene “Flying By”

Lot #: 95

Elizabeth MacRae Ltd Edition Print Titled

Lot #: 96

Erotica Shadow Box Print of Young Women

Lot #: 97

Early Watercolour (1885) Of European City

Lot #: 98

Marji Laks Oil on Canvas Ballet Shoes

Lot #: 99

Acrylic on Canvas Lake Scene-Unsigned

Lot #: 100

Original Mathews Oil on Canvas-Ballerina Pink Rose

Lot #: 101

Large Early Oil on Canvas-Drawbridge Harbor

Lot #: 102

Original Guido Odierna Seascape-Signed

Lot #: 103

Huge Lee Reynolds Oil on Canvas Floral

Lot #: 104

Original Jim Brown Oil on Canvas Street Scene

Lot #: 105

M.K.Roth Original Oil on Board

Lot #: 106

Halfred Tygesen CAN (1890-1951) Pastel

Lot #: 107

Greg Carter Ltd Edition Print “Corner of Venice”

Lot #: 109

Pair of Wess Ltd Edition Native Sand Cast Print

Lot #: 110

Alan Kingsland Ltd Edition Print

Lot #: 111

Haitian Oil on Canvas-Sgined Abscure

Lot #: 112

Rick Beaver “Cruising Clematis Gauach on Paper

Lot #: 113

Original Anna Jalava 1929-2012

Lot #: 114

Original Anna Jalava 1929-2012

Lot #: 115

Benolt 3D Oil on Board “Eagle Predator”

Lot #: 116

Large Eurepean Framed Print-Signed

Lot #: 117

Henri Matisse Box Framed Print

Lot #: 118

Ruby Haskins (1970) “Boy with Jug” Oil on Board

Lot #: 119

Russian Oil on Board-B.Kaye

Lot #: 120

Fine Middle Eastern Watercolour-Signed

Lot #: 121

J.Domin Oil on Canvas European Pond

Lot #: 122

Fine Acrylic on Canvas-Fall Scene-Signed Egan

Lot #: 123

Acyrlic Abstract Scene “Top of the Myrd”

Lot #: 124

John Revill Giclee Ltd Edition “October Glow”

Lot #: 125

Set of Fine John Gardner Sailing Ship Prints

Lot #: 126

Ken Danby “Blowing Up” Print

Lot #: 127

Fine Saling Ship Serving Travy

Lot #: 128

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 129

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 130

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 131

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 132

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 133

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 134

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 135

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 136

Copper Engraving with Longhand Biography

Lot #: 137

Set of 4 Bristh Sailing Ship Prints

Lot #: 138

Early Watercolour of Loch Katrine-Scottland

Lot #: 139

Early Oil of Moutain Village Singed P.S.


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