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creighton farm auction

Shafer Auction Co. Ltd.

9 October, 2019

Online Only Farm Equipment Auction for William Crieghton. John Deere 3130 Tractor/Loader, Walco Brush Mower, J.D. 330 Round Bailer, Tilling and Hay Equipment.

Lot #: 1

John Deere 3130 Diesel Tractor w/ Loader

Lot #: 2

Walco Whistler Bush Mower – 7′

Lot #: 3

John Deere 330 Round Bailer

Lot #: 4

New Holland 488 Haybine

Lot #: 5


Lot #: 6

McKee Sno-lander 320 Snow Blower – 5′

Lot #: 7

3 Point Hitch Sickle Bar Mower

Lot #: 8

Bogballe 225 Cone Spreader

Lot #: 9

3 PTH Manure Fork Loader

Lot #: 11

3 PTH – V Plough Blade

Lot #: 12

2.503 PTH Scraper Blade – 6′

Lot #: 13

International Harvester 2 Furrow Plow

Lot #: 14

Farm Wagon

Lot #: 15

Farm Wagon

Lot #: 16

Wallenstein Log Splitter (3 PTH)

Lot #: 17

Four Furrow Plough

Lot #: 18

3ph. Crane

Lot #: 19

New Holland #512 Manure Spreader

Lot #: 20

3 PTH Disc – 8′

Lot #: 21

Disc with Hydraulic Lift Wheels – 10′

Lot #: 22

Harogator Straight Tooth Harrow –

Lot #: 23

Jamco Stock Trailer – 15′

Lot #: 24

Motor Boat on Trailer

Lot #: 25

House Trailer

Lot #: 26

International Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmower

Lot #: 26a

Lot of 3 Lawnmowers

Lot #: 27

Round Bails of Hay – approx 20

Lot #: 28

Rubbermaid 100 Gal Water Trough

Lot #: 28a

Rubbermaid 100 Gal Water Trough

Lot #: 28b

Rubbermaid 100 Gal Water Trough

Lot #: 28c

Rubbermaid 100 Gal Water Trough

Lot #: 28d

Rubbermaid 100 Gal Water Trough

Lot #: 29

Lot of Oils etc.

Lot #: 30

Lot of Assorted Hand Tools

Lot #: 31

Lot of Hoses and Mixing Tub

Lot #: 32

Lot of Electric Wire & Mixing Tub

Lot #: 33

Lot of Grease Guns etc.

Lot #: 34

Pail of Barn Screws

Lot #: 35

Roll of Barbed Wire

Lot #: 36

Fuel Tank – 36″ by 60″ with 20″ coloured Diesel

Lot #: 37

Westeel Rosco Grain Silo with Auger

Lot #: 38

Lincoln 225 Welder with Cables

Lot #: 39

3 PTH Top Link

Lot #: 39a

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